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Back to School

Registration day : 24th October 2013

A year ago, I was seeking guidance from the Almighty to take away pains from my heart. That pain was due to work obsession. My works was once my everything, hence, forgetting that a person has to detach sometimes to see how beautiful life has to offer, I became a miserable person. I wrote a note "what I do & where live now" that day, i.e. 11 November 2012. On the last part of the entry, I've listed 6 things that I wishes to pursue. 

Eager and excited to start a new chapter

After a year gone by, I'm proud to say that I am indeed very serious about blogging though in my broken languages. More than 200 entries thus far, mostly on travelogue was written since January 2013. In addition, I have registered for a second degree in Law from a renown university somewhere in April. On 16th August 2013 (happen to be my birthday), they responded saying that my application was successful. It was the second achievement out of 6 listed in my entry written last year. Not bad for my taste.  

Learned people in law subject

At the onset, I was looking for a Master Degree programme from other locals university including the University where I was graduated from. After given a further thoughts of what I really wanted to be at the end of my career life, I chose having a second degree in Law via external programme @ Bachelor in Jurisprudence (External). Hence, the question that I once posed to myself in "will I be good at teaching?" has an answer. Reading law must be from the best law faculty in the nation, i.e. University Malaya.

Dean of the Faculty of Law, UM in 1969, the late Prof has written and co-author at least 20 books

Stepping inside the faculty for the first time as a student on 24th October 2013 brought so much joy and happiness. I have another determination to achieve the 2nd degree before the age of 50. Will I make it within 3 years? We really have to wait for end of 2016 for an answer. I'm equally excited and anxious as I knew deep within that the challenge that I now facing wont be that easy.

Books majority published by UM on sale during registration day

To my surprise, there are altogether 160 new students in 2013/2014 intake, ranging from a  younger looking face to all white hair looking face. The oldest I met was 61 formerly from land office, currently doing free lancing works. My batch intakes are from different industries, there are doctors, bankers, economist, teachers, property dealer etc etc. Surprisingly that I am not the only one pursuing Law degree here (jokes of the year).

The present Dean, Associates Professor Dr Johan Shamsuddin

160 of us waited at the Auditorium while waiting to be called at the Student Centre for registration and collected the modules. After a refreshment break, we gathered for course briefing and introductory by the Dean and the LEEP (Legal Education Extension Programme) coordinator regarding short courses offered for external student to help them in passing the exams. As we will not have a professional year unlike a full time LLB student, Bsc Jurisprudence graduates are required to obtain CLP (Certificate Legal Practice) from CLP Board followed with 9 months chambering should they choose to practice Law as a career.

Anand, a banker sharing his experience being a 4th year external programme student

Before proceeding with briefing on comprehensive university's subject and Library, we break for lunch at the faculty cafe, adjacently located to the library. The food serves at the cafe is not bad at all. 

Passageway to Faculty Cafeteria - Beautiful

Food shall be no worry if I were to spend times in the library

Later that day I entered the library, said to be the best in the nation for the first time. The smells of book is to my taste, no matter what people said, I love books. Law is said to be the subject of reading. I have no problem at all as "my hobby is reading" but the problem is how to read all 17 modules in 3 years? Will I capable to do it is still a big questioan mark. The coordinator had informed that there are only about 3 or 5 external programme students managed to graduate within 3 years but 66 graduates (from different intakes) during the last convocation. Will I be in that list of 3 @ 5? I was really stressed out that night thinking the NO possibility.

1 of the best law library in the nation

The next day, on 25th October 2013, we attended a full day class on introduction to legal method by Professor Dr Farah Nini, a full time lecturer attached with the faculty since 2007. She was graduated from University of Cardiff and majoring in Criminal, Contract and Child law. Her class carries justice to her passion as all of us glued to our sit from 9am till 4.45pm. Who said law is a boring subject?

During the 6 hours of lectures, Dr Farah shared the story of 1 of her amazing students, a doctor who managed to complete the external programme within 3 years despite a busy schedule in an emergency units. Dr Farah is specialise and passionate on the subject of child law. She gave out numerous advice on how to manage times, improve passion in the subject, how to read case law and important of all the students are expected to be good both in English and Bahasa Malaysia as the house of courts use both languages. I sense trouble :( :(    

Interesting old book on ADAT found in the library can literally expand my limited knowledge

The faculty of law, University Malaya was established in 1972 with the first batch of law students graduated in 1976. The external programme was initiated in 1996 and over 500 students had successfully graduated since inception in the span of 17 years. University Malaya is Malaysia's oldest university established on 8th October 1949 (before Independence) with the merger of the King Edward VII College of Medicine (founded in 1905) and Raffles College (founded in 1928). 

Government Gazette dated 18th August 1966, 2 days after I was born, how interesting!!

The University is listed at number 33 in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Asian University Ranking 2013. Meanwhile, in the QS World Ranking, UM was spotted at 156th and aiming to be in the top 100 ranking by 2015. For those who are interested to know more of the 17 faculties and research centres available may click the website, University Malaya.

Dr Farah Nini, about to start her lecture

During Q&A session
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