Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reminiscing Karachi memory lane...

Date: 27th July 2016

I am wearing a beautiful dress that I bought in Karachi for today's Raya gathering at our associate company. While being complimented, it made me realized of how much I miss the following places that I often visited while reside there... 

Agha's Supermarket
The best groceries store "Agha's" is situated at Shop No. 1, Uzma Court, DC-3, Block 8, Clifton Karachi. This is the first groceries store that Chow and Cheah Lee took me when I first arrived in Karachi in July 2007. They have everything that we needed to buy should we want to cook Malaysian dishes. There are imported groceries from Thailand like lemon grass, coconut milk, tomyam, thai red chillies, glutinous rice etc etc. Beside they are selling most of groceries items, books, DVD's, medicines, had small florist corner and money changer that was established there in 2010.

the Korean lady that operates Korean restaurant in Clifton
Kimchi noodles, my favourite

There's a Korean restaurant that serves Korean and Japanese food that we frequently visited. My favorite at her place are Kimchi soup with salty fish that unbeatable good. Besides, I like to order her BBQ beef which are a little bit sweet and kimchi noodles. She and her husband owns 2 lovely and obedient dogs that once in a while would follow them to work. Both dogs are really friendly and adorable to see. 

Two photos above are Sunday Bazaar, the only place we, Malaysian would spent our times at. Chow and Cheah Lee took me there on my second week in the city. Later I met many Malaysian and form quite large circles of friends. Thereafter, weekends never gets lonely anymore. Okay, below were among a few Malaysian and their families working and resided there that I always hang out with during my first year, i.e. in 2007/2008.

Below photo was snapped in early 2008 where IJM staff has started to join me in the office to fill in the organisation chart number. Some with families some are not. Syahirah and I were at Haniza's place with her daughter and Fadzil daughter's that used to be overly close to the 3 of us (Syahirah, Nasrul & I) when the photo was taken. Fadzil's family and my family together with Chow were sharing the same house, the same transport and driver and cooks. We were all staying at Defence Housing Area (DHA) which are the most safest zone in Karachi, untouchable to the turmoil. 

Some of the birthdays that we had at Platinum Residency, Clifton when we shifted from DHA housing area.

Items that I collected (bought) from Sunday Bazaar
 More gatherings with the ladies for eid and karaoke parties..

to be continued...

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chasing sunrise along LPT Highway

We were on family vacation on 2016 4th day of eid where my family has booked a 3 days and 2 nights stay at Arwana Perhentian Eco Resort & Beach Chalet. Yes, Perhentian Island finally .... which according to my friend as his family best vacation ever. I have many long overdue travelogue post of my travels after the 4th leg of Train Rides. Time and other commitments forbid my concentration of writing at present moment. I will do so after August, I hope, after the August exam fever subside. Not to leave any July entry empty, I would like to share some beautiful moments of chasing sunrise while travelling by car on the road along Lebuh Raya Pantai Timur, East Coast Expressway or best known as LPT to locals. 5 of us in 2 separate cars were speeding (due to less traffic on the road) to enable us to be in time for Syahirah who arrived at Kuala Terengganu Airport from Sepang airport. She was scheduled to arrive at 8.05am on 9th July 2016. The first photo was snapped at 6.50 am and the last 1 was at 7.41 am where hubby and I were dreaming to own a property with that view in mind. Yeah, no one can stop one from dreaming "BIG" right? Well, hope it's not to late to wish those who celebrating "Happy Eid Mubarak".