Sunday, August 7, 2016

So I shift..

A property agent has been calling me last week about a short term tenant who wishes to rent my condo. Thinking about how much I would get, my heart started to flutter at the thought of money. Those feeling about wanting more money has dissipated through my fingers, for an uncounted months, years, I guess. It was all because of this condo. Admittedly, paying a monthly installment of nearly RM6 thousand a month has taken away a lot of happiness. Theoretically I'm at a point of despair until God has enlightened me with his word "detachment". I've paid the loan installment for 22 months as of now and I remember smiling a bit when the balance loan figure has reduce to below 1,000,000.00. Seeing a small bank's remarks that I owned about 20% of it has further added some joy. But, yet still a long way to go... 13 years 2 months. 

A friend said I'm fat and yes, I do feel heavy.. Selfie before gym time

A proper meal for lunch

Hubby sounded upset when I informed him about the offer. The tenant wanted to move in, in September and will move out by end November. The timing is not right. We, on the other hand had to move out from the house that we stayed for nearly 22 years since the full reimbursement will be made by early September. We had plan to temporarily shift at this condo before our new permanent house completed, targeted by end of the year. It's a blessing, a lot of problems has been settled. The buyer wanted to renovate before shifting to our old place. She engaged hubby for the renovation, hence allowed us to use 1 bedroom to store our furniture. We will not be worrying much about double handling of the furniture to the new house. Respecting hubby feeling, I decline the offer.

Those sofa and 2 paintings that I can't detached with, so I took it here

There is still forest in this part of Kuala Lumpur.

Let's shift I told hubby. If we did not take the courage now, we would still has so much detachment to the house that we have sold. Nazhif has been staying here since few weeks back. In fact I told Naim to shift too but he was too busy finding his own source of income after completing his diploma. When I came in yesterday, he hung only 1 shirt in the cabinet. I brought a check-in luggage with me and a rice cooker. I brought some food as this place are a bit inconvenience to find restaurant. Staying in a very tight security condo has limited my movement because I became more lazy. This place has created a vacation mood feeling, just like when you check-in to the hotel.

Suffice entertainment

Naim who has an access card with him was waiting to take me up when I arrived yesterday. He spent a night with Amir and Nazhif. When the 2 of them left, I discovered how messy was the 2 bedrooms (see below 2 photos). Nazhif was sleeping in another room. The boys never fails to made me feel so much like a maid. That's my job too since our last maid quit in 2008. Everybody are happy without a maid and maybe by turning me as their maid. Looking back, I'm proud that I have so much patience in me to tolerate what I use to have in all these years, I mean after 2008. Alhamdulillah, blessed Him for my ability to detach my desire for this worldly life. I felt so much contentment after cleaning up the 1,808 sqft condo and enjoying my time in the neat, tidy and clean place. 

The iron was "on"!!

Untidy bed

After lunch and prayers, I was enjoying the sunset from the living room while studying. You may notice there's a tower crane blocking my view. True, IJM is building another condominium at that site. Lucky it does not blocking the sunset view now and in future. And the UCSI University construction also does not block both KLCC and KL Tower view from my balcony. It is so peaceful staying here, trust me. Later at night, when I walked towards the gym, I did not see many neighbors at the common area. No one swim and only 1 lady exercising at the treadmill when I arrived.

The sunset has given a purple color effect to the curtain
Isn't it lovely? I can't get enough taking photos even at the common area.... Ops, got to stop writing now. I came here to study. The first exam paper, constitutional law is on 16th August. Wish me luck guys!

A tiny KL Tower and KLCC from the BBQ area

Those colorful water splash

Not many people shifted after almost 2 years

After completing 30 minutes on treadmill

Lovely view while exercising

Yes, I really sweat a lot last night..

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