Sunday, January 19, 2014

Factory Outlets in Bandung

Shopaholics pose in front of the Heritage Factory outlet

I was reading quite a number of recommendation from the web of where to stay and what would be the nearest place to enjoy shoppings in Bandung, months before our visit. Beside getting some good visitor's reviews from the Trip Advisor's web, a blogger "" has suggested 10 factory outlet that you may want to explore and tips while shopping down there. As soon as we we arrived at Jalan Dago, all my family members voted to shop as lunch can wait. So I had to wait while dreaming there's a nice couch for me to rest my head. They should be considerate to a weird person like me by providing a couch at a nice and a cosy corner, with coffee machine perhaps. The first stop was made at Polo Ralph Lauren factory outlet.
Bored selfie looking pose

The boys were overjoyed when their father said they can chose a Polo shirt each person as a treat from him. A night before my husband purchased a polo shirt in Trans Studio Bandung with little discount but that day was a 50% offers. He was pleased and he makes the boys pleased too. After they have done with the purchased they made me pleased too as I enjoyed another round of Sundanese food in Sambara, a fine dining restaurant seated close by from Jalan Dago.

Family pose using a fish eye application

After the meal, the driver took us back to Jalan Dago. My husband is a big fan of Roger Federer and if possible, he wanted to have what Roger wears while playing tennis, from Roger's shoe to Roger's tennis shirt. We had so much difficulties looking for Nike outlet in Trans Studio Bandung but couldn't find any Fedex's attire. I hope he shall find something in this outlet, if not, there will be another long search in Jakarta.

Large Nike's outlet in Jalan Dago

Having a large family group of 6 would be a little bit difficult as their interest and fashion style differs in many ways. At first, we let the head of the family chose where and what he wanted to buy, thereafter with his good mood, the rest of us can enjoy our shopping. We shall be granted and be entertained by him like a queen and prince of the day.

Nasrul's the apple boy in front of Apple Store next to Nike's outlet

Nasrul is way too different from the rest as he is not interested in his attire, he wears what he  has and what are available in his wardrobe. He doesn't care much of his appearance unlike Nazhif and Naim whom so much into Zara and Topman brand. But Nasrul is a gadget boy who loves anything related to computer and accessories. He loves Apple Store and he thought he can con persuade me to buy him an Iphone 5C or Iphone 4s. He has no luck that day as I was not in a mood of negotiating being made too wait too long in Jalan Dago.

So, he adjourned inside the Nike's outlet with the rest

This is what I did, selfie, selfie, selfie...
It was not that bad when we were in Jalan Riau the following day. The hotel is nearby and I easily excused my self and disappeared without anyone noticing. In addition, it's more varieties of outlets where it offers shopping for the whole family under 1 roof, especially in the Heritage. Plentiful of choice for children's, teenagers and adults both male and female.

Jalan Riau greens ambience made a pleasant walk
There's also a nice cafe inside Heritage and Naim kept buying a chocolate buns as it was too damn nice. As for me I preferred a local durian ice-cream and street food where it was the only time they allowed me to enjoy it during our 9 days vacation.

Yummylicious Durian ice-cream

Special bakso mee opposite of the Summit and sweet Teh Botol

Hope you find this entry helping in planning your shopping itinerary in Bandung.

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