Saturday, April 10, 2010

How much can you love a MAN?

Date: 10th April 2010

Eid photo in 2010
He is my man, my husband! A man, whom I laid my eyes upon in year 1989, a man whom I told myself not to choose as a husband since my instinct told me that he will hurt me thereafter. However, our fate made us tied a knot a year later and how I wish on the day we were married for him to be my 1st love ever, the 1 that I gave 100% love ever since. We have 4 adorable kids in 6 years. Life was not easy, marriage has an up and down since love alone is not enough to hold a marriage. Marriage requires a lot of perseverance, trust, patience and space for each other....

True enough, on our 8th year together, we had our 1st test that leaves hatred in our heart. It was a painfull moment, full of tears and agony. With GOD blessing, we decided to hang on, forgive each other and continue. It took me 5 miserable years to forget and let go. Both of us were glad that we made through until now. This time, I did not give 100%. I have some for me.

Then, our 2 mothers and father left us. I was not ready, it's just not fair. I'm i tears again and he had to suffer. I travel the whole world looking for a lost one, a precious peace that I reason out with him that is called as "CHANGE". It was expensive sacrifice. He's been where he suppose to be waiting for me to find an answer, without complaint. How could I ever selfishly thought of leaving him behind, without regret.

After 2 years 7 months, I came back with a heavy heart, still not realise that I have a family of my own. They are mine, always and forever. We are ONE soul. I decided to be happy no matter what happen. Just move on with life, appreciate small things, have respect to people, love things that you do. And today, I saw husband from far, and I told myself, he is the one that I want to grow old with, none other.

I may not say this to him, now. But I do hope, when I read this again in future, we shall read together. He is my man, always! I sincerely love you as a Husband, a Friend and a Father to our childrens!

24 April 2010 is our 19th years anniversary! May Allah protect our life together for us to have a walk together in our 60'th, 70'th, 80'th. We shall see.