Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eidh ul Adha 2013

Yesterday was Eidhul Adha, the second important festival in Islam, celebrated by Muslim all over the world. After several years away from home, my family had a proper preparation for eid. I took leave a day before to prepare some foods for the invited guest, families on my side, hubby's workers and the kid's friends. Since Aishah's wedding was 2 days before eid, my sister Rosnani stayed with us in KL but the rest went back on 14th October.

Food served on 15th Oct 2013

Last week, Ane & I had discussed over lunch of how simple Laksa Penang is being cooked. You need to boil the fish in a big pot (can add salt & Asam keping @ peeled tamarind). Peel off the fish fleshes and removed all the fish bones and heads (I usually blend and toss the fish bones and heads but was not so on Monday). All fish fleshes should be blend with water and placed them back in the same big pot. Thereafter, boil them again while adding chili paste, lots of onions and shrimp paste (belacan) with tamarind (preferably peeled type, not the paste). Most importantly, you need to boil them together with Bunga Kantan (aromatic ginger flower) and Daun Kesom (polyganum leaves).

I cooked Laksa Penang and Rendang but the Lemang was from the stall

But Laksa (rice straw seen in above photo) must be eaten with nicely cut cucumber, small chili, onions and boiled eggs. My perfect guesstimate for 3 packets of dried Laksa straw (available in all supermarket) is 15 medium size Mackerel. I used to brought along with me to India and Pakistan the dried laksa straw and below secret ingredient "Bunga Kantan" (aromatic ginger flower) and "Daun Kesom" (polyganum leaves), which is very difficult to find when abroad.

Polyganum Leaves and Aromatic Ginger Flower

I found that cooking is a very pleasurable task in these day. When you are cooking with pleasure, started off with saying basmalah, "In the name of Allah", heart full of love with Mac Book on the table while peeling fish flesh, cutting all ingredients, it was done within a short time. Most importantly when people praises you after their meals. I hope you guys really sincere when saying those praises.

Excused the ugly sight at the console table area, okay :(

My nephew Luqman was showing best sign not for the food, but for the gadget. Sigh! Disconnect to connect yourselves with others, please!!

I forgot about the food once my guests and I gathered in a light and sweet conversation. After below photo was snapped, Hasanah called to ask why I was not in Kuantan on eid with her. In fact, the truth behind her call was only checking when will I get her a Hello Kitty wrist watch as promised (unintentionally during her trip to Berjaya Time Square). Such a clever and witty girl, she suggested that I bring my lappy to her granny house and do my work there rather than going to work when I gave her my excuse that I'm working on the next day.

After Zuhur prayer, we were in my sister, Roshayati place to have her "Lontong" dishes prepared by her. I had a large bowl of Lontong, which was my 3rd meal since morning. The next stop was at my brother's place also nearby my sister house (Kajang area). I had to capture a moment of Aqil, my brother's youngest son who studied in boarding school. He is required to be back to the hostel before 6pm on every outing. 

Aqil, my nephew had a special hair cut by my brother

Despite a full stomach after lontong, laksa and rendang+lemang, I swallowed a grilled lamb with salads prepared by beloved sister-in-law. She prepared a simple meal as there's not many people in her house these day, all of their 2 children's are at the hostel and 1 abroad, away from home. At around 4pm, the 4 families headed to our auntie's house in Mantin, where we lavished another session of foods. I totally bless that my close family lives nearby for us all to have a memorable day during a blissful eid.

My brother, Shamsuddin's house

After reaching home, at dawn, Naim informed that he invited a group of friend to come over. For the first time in several years or rather since 2007 (my first overseas assignment), the eid is purely celebrated properly by my family. Thank God for beautiful gifts. 

Nazhif & the futsal gang

Naim brought about 7 pax and Nazhif invited his school friends from the same housing to finish off the food after their futsal game. I slept last night at peace as the foods that my husband and I prepared has not gone wasted.

Naim & the gang
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