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Flowers in Ho Chin Minh Flower's Market

Date: 30th December 2014

One of the stop while we were on cyclo retro in Ho Chin Minh was at Flower Market. Being there felt like I was in a different world, too focus in getting those beautiful life flowers captured with my camera. I even ignored Anne's annoyed face. I was too lost in the flower world to the extent that I had a pang of jealousy with the market ladies who get a chance to lay with the flowers all days. Before I started writing my travelogue of a recent trip, it was my pleasure of sharing those flowers shot on this entry, under "Flowers" label. Enjoy!

100 Days of Happiness - Day 41 to 50

It was on the 2nd January 2015 that Anne and I were traveling to Ha Long Bay, visiting thousands of a beautiful limestone karst isle, about 4 hours journey from Hanoi city. The hotel has helped us with the ground tour arrangement. We did nothing else but spent the whole day at the most special attraction in Vietnam. This place must be added to your basket as a must visit place before you die. Trust me, it's worth the journey. You could see what I and the rest who had visited share about  our experience in the Trip Advisor.

Day 41 of happiness: Ha Long Bay @ descending dragon bay, features thousands of limestone karst and isles in various size and shape. It was a great opportunity to circle about 10% by cruise of what the late Vietnamese poet Nguyen Trai described as "rock wonder in the sky" #100daysofhappiness#wonderoftheworld — at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
As soon as we arrived at the hotel from a long trip back to Hanoi city, we ordered a special seafood fried rice from the reception. It was so good but slightly expensive. We transferred all photos from our cameras inside the MacBook. The next day, on 3rd January 2014 (was my official last working date in IJM), we gathered our belonging nicely and took a last stroll in a nearby area for photo. We wanted to be early at the airport to catch a Malaysia Airline plane back home and at the same time to do a last minute shopping there. Unfortunately that the Hanoi International Airport is a new airport.  It does not 100% operational, their free duty shops are still empty. Nevertheless our last coffee at the airport, the chicken that we had on the plane and sharing our experience with MAS stewardess are indeed priceless.

Day 42 of happiness: coming home with MAS, the Malaysian Airlines is something yo be proud as a Malaysian who proud & unconditional love to the country  #100daysofhappiness #supportmas#supportmalaysia

On day 43, 4th January 2015 the reality started striking my head. I have to be ready for classes as well as to get ready mentally for working at a new place. Below are the modules, statute and act that I collected after having lunch with Dr Ali & Devaraj on 22nd December 2014. It was left untouched. Since I'm taking 5 law paper for this year's exam, I better plan early and make sure not to repeat a last minute study like I did last year. I was too overly confident that I am a master in contract  but I failed a Contract Law paper. I believe I am the laughing stock of the university. How could an experience Contract Manager failed a Contract Law?

Day 43 of happiness: vacation is over! Back to a reality where daily routine, duties & obligation awaited #100daysofhappiness #readinglaw #staypositive
On the 5th January 2015, I was early at Menara Gamuda reporting for work. We had a short briefing by the HR department. The other 2 new employee and I were given a brief introduction about the Group. I was first involved with Gamuda way back in 2002 when MMC, where I worked at that time was entered there first joint venture project, i.e. a Smart Tunnel. MMC sent me to do due diligence and at the end of the assignment, I end up begging my boss to join the project team neglecting the promotion and the seniority. It was a good decision as the experienced that I gain in 5 years was priceless. When the Head Hunter arranged for the interview, my former colleague has given a good recommendation to the bosses. I was assigned to Underground MRT with most of my former colleague. Syahirah and I celebrated 5th January 2015 by having a good meal at Secret Recipe and I bought a trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey since I heard the film is banned in Malaysia. Believed me, I finished reading the whole 3 books in a WEEK, whilst I will immediately fall to sleep when I read my law book.

Day 44 of happiness: 5/1/2015 is indeed a glorious day. A new beginning to positive vibes, opening a new chapter of book etc. Ended it well with chocolate brûlée and ice blended vanilla mocha — at Secret Recipe, Jusco Cheras Selatan.
I back to the office on the 7th January 2015 re-arranging my new workstation in shocking pink. Gus  Kladoz has presented me with a nice note book from MMC (in yellow color) given to him by 1 of MMC's director. On the same day, I received office access card and a brand new HP laptop. All set and ready to work. My first assignment was helping someone who does not really welcome the ideas. But, lucky me as I received my proper assignment a week later. All happy, nothing to complaint as I'm dealing with majority of my former colleague. Life is good!

Day 45 of happiness: First day at work, 07012015. Having a bright colours at the workstations to brighten a new work place with mostly new items except the mug. Could not leave the mug behind as I have a fond memory of "we deliver" motto & the friends that stays dear to my heart forever  #100daysofhappiness — at Southgate Malaysia.
The new work has kept my mind too occupied where I use my brain a lot more than before. It tire me out easily. By weekend I will be too exhausted with Saturday classes. Hubby was worried and suggested I quit Law School. Hmmm, it's true that age is catching up on me and I should not be having too many wish list in a basket. What else did I want to gain, added him. Maybe he knew that I'm actually doing that because I'm preparing myself to meet the Creator. I should be enjoying doing all this thing as I want to die as a happy person. As I write this, rest assured I just grasp the whole situation. I'm adapting to the new environment and enjoying what I've been at, as is where is. My life is indeed a true bless. Full of happiness. I started to use staircase from Basement 1 up to Level 8 where my office are while picturing a golf course view as motivation. It does help to stabilize my physical and mental fitness. 

Day 46 of happiness: I did something incredibly awesome today. Climbing a staircases all the way up from B1 to Level 8 has brought so much triumph! #100daysofhappiness #keepfit — at Southgate Malaysia.

Few real estate agent has contacted about my condominium. The first agent, Shirley has introduced me to my tenant, a beautiful Malay couple. They are the first one that I took to view the condo but they turned down the offer initially as they said the water fountain sounds from the balcony is too noisy. They further said that there will be no privacy as people could easily see them from the common area. Shirley asked me to lower down my asking rental of RM3,000 but I did not gave in. In the end, they came back and accepted my offer saying that after a month of looking, they concluded that my unit has the best view as well as the most private compared to the higher floor. I was there on 11th January 2015, for the 1st time, taking time exploring the whole building where I discovered its beauty. You may checked what I wrote in A Condominium Unit For Rent.

Day 47 of happiness: final check done! The condo is now open for rent. Good to stay in February 2015 #100daysofhapiness #lookingfortenant — at Persiaran Alam Damai Cheras.

The same Sunday, I was desperately looking for a masseuse as my body was really aching due to a stress adapting to a new environment. Hubby has recommended me to Thai Odyssey which is located inside AEON shopping mall just within our housing area. The girl who did the massage is really good at her work. I was satisfied and I tied the bracelet that I bought in MBK Mall, Bangkok to her arm as a token of appreciation before saying my farewell. 

Day 48 of happiness: remembering Anny, a Siamese masseuse who is very good at giving her client a refreshing aroma therapy massage. Missing her touch as she's so good at her work. She deserved to get my bracelet from the city of Angel  #100daysofhapiness#mahaldontcare #thaimassage — at Thai Odyssey, JJ Balakong.
My former Senior Project Manager in my Smart Tunnel time has taken me out for welcoming lunch on 22nd January 2016. He chose Tupai Tupai restaurant where we had his farewell way back in 2006, him leaving for Doha International Airport project. We came here again after 8 years to celebrate our new collaboration in MRT project as a team mate, both coming from the same side of the Joint Venture company. Nothing much has change to this place except the jungle has now been left in smaller area. Those days we still can hear birds chipping happily while we enjoyed our food. But, with the building next to it, has occupied the birds home, I did not see the bird presence anymore. Well, a good food surrounded with a good company was what I concluded that day.

Day 49 of happiness: returning to this place after 8 years is a moment to remember and be happy about. No major changes to the ambiance similarly to my group lunch date today. We are all remain the same good old people  #100daysofhappiness #cherishlife#cherishfriendship — at Tupai Tupai.
There's a coffee shop just across the other block. My office colleague were telling me that all coffee lovers especially most of the expatriate who worked in our office enjoyed their coffee so much. Being a coffee lover myself, I decided to visit. On my third visit, the coffee boy has drawn my cup beautifully that made me a bit reluctant to throw the cup away. How small thing, a kind gesture can made someone very happy. I wish that all of us will start spread loves and compassions around us as even a tiny effort has given a lot of impact to others. Like that coffee boy has made my day on 23rd January 2015.   

Day 50 of happiness: had a new friendship with the coffee guy across the block. This is what I get in return. A creative way he pronounce my name & a cheerful smile as drawn by him  #100daysofhappiness#coffeelover — at Southgate Malaysia

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100 Days of Happiness - Day 31 to 40

21st December 2014 - 1 of my favorite fruit is the yellow and crunchy "jackfruit" or in Bahasa Malaysia we call it "nangka". Hubby was doing a minor restoration works at 1 of his former client's house. En. Naza has pluck 1 out of 2 "a ready to eat fruit" from the jackfruit tree, planted at his yard. It smells awesome. Husband has shared half of the big jackfruit with his worker. I was more than happy in getting half of my share. It brought so much happiness on day 31.

Day 31-feeling richer than ever with so much jack fruit in the house

23rd December 2014 - It was a much awaiting day for me as well as for my husband. He waited so long to see the last trilogy film, Hobbit, whilst I was waiting for my last working day in IJM. We went to see Hobbit, late night show on Monday, 22nd December 2014. I was clearing my last few days leave, rather weeks by taking half day leave on 22rd December of which I spent good lunch with my buddy, Devaraj and Dr Ali at PJ Hilton. We had Japanese food that and thereafter adjourned for more chit chatting at an open yard until it was drizzling. Most important, we made a promise to  regularly meet for lunch though 3 of us may seems to be apart, working wise. Later at night, Hobbit last episode movie was so good. All 6 of us went for late supper after the movie.

Day 32 of happiness: movie night & late teh tarik with family just to celebrate an important date, 22nd December 2014
25th December 2014 - Anne and I were there early at the KL International Airport waiting for a flight to Bangkok. We took Malaysia Airline to show our continuous support and unconditional love to the country. Our 3rd leg of chasing train started that day. We celebrated my parting from the company with this trip. Nazhif and Syahirah sent me to the airport. Anne took a cab. After we have done dropping our bag at the long queue, we accompanied the children having breakfast. We off to Bangkok in a shiny day.

Day 34 of happiness: the 3rd leg train rides adventure begins 
26th December 2014 - As soon as we landed at Suvarnabhumi, we went straight to the hotel and hunting for food at our favourite International food centre in MBK mall. The rest is history (with the shopping and all). The next day, before the morning train departs to Aryanprathet, I posted a photo of Anne showing her white clean teeth enjoying a meal in front of her. This lady has brought so much colors into my life since we became a travelling buddy. I'm indeed very lucky to have such a pretty and kind hearted best friend.  

Day 34 of happiness: having able to return to the city of angel, tasting the same yummy Thai Cuisine at MBK mall is priceless 
27th December 2014 - It was a hectic day in Siem Reap, walking for about  9km visiting all the temples in the golden triangle whilst going far ahead to Phnom Kulen. To achieve all those places within a day with a private can is a miracle. Therefore, we treated ourselves to a nice dinner show watching a Khmer girls dancing away as Apsara, my favourite art dancing in the South East Asia. The foods were good and tasty similarly to the variety of dance as performed by Apsara dancers.

Day 35 of happiness: everything about Apsara dancers are exciting... their moves, costume, make-up & facial expression, flowers in their hair brought the urge to dance in me 

28th December 2014 - We arrived in Phnom Penh city by speed boat through Tonle Sap Lakes/rivers. It was an adventurous journey, the journey that I hold very special to my travelogue. The hotel we stayed is so near to the deck where the water transportation from the Siem Reap arrived. It was a strategic location. We get ourselves pampered with tuk tuk driver that are available 24 hours a day around the corner of the hotel. Our time in Phnom Penh was rather short as we were due to arrive Ho Chin Mind a day later by bus. The tuk tuk driver that is in below photo has taken a passionate job taking us around in his beautiful city. He even took us to see the train head that is kept safe in the museum. Without him, I would not have a chance to satisfy myself that not even an inch of train is ever presence in Cambodia.

Day 36 of happiness: a good feeling becoming a fake tuk tuk driver for a minute which brought a split seconds of happiness to the 2 of us

29th December 2014 - On arrival in Saigon, I was hunting for a beautiful Vietnamese ladies in their traditional costume which in my eyes and perception are so pure and innocent looks. I was capturing a beautiful moment with the 2 ladies in below photo who were playing a local musical instrument at 1 of the restaurant somewhere not far from our hotel. We had a nice night out, a walk by the river, having coffee and watching a city night in Ho Chin Minh with all lights up prepared since Christmas time till 2015 new year celebration were done with.

Day 37 of happiness: no words can express a beauty of Saigon ladies, too beautiful, like a flower in the garden
30th December 2014 - We were still in Ho Chin Minh city the whole day touring all attractions that were in our list. We took a 2 hours cyclo restro package as arranged by the hotel that we stayed because we both were very lazy to walk and/or catching a public transport. On our request they sent us to the Ben Thanh Market as the last pit stop for the day. We skipped 2 places which is not to our liking. There's a few Muslim Restaurant nearby Ben Thanh market where we enjoyed our local lunch menu, a halal meal. We surprisingly discovered that many retails assistants converse well in my native language, Malay inside Ben Thanh market afterwards.

Day 38 of happiness: what a wonderful day to enjoy a 2 hours cyclo restro in a crowded bikers traffic touring Saigon City. Feeling so so blessed 

30th December 2014 - I posted below photo to wish my friends and colleagues a Happy New Year before we boarded the train from Ho Chin Minh city. The photo of beautiful lighted city was captured while we were in a taxi that drove us to the station. We spent 2 nights in the train where no one is speaking English. The experience is priceless. Being a train traveller, that was what we yearn for. Having a peace of mind in the coach just Anne and I conversing all sorts of subject. Most importantly we shared the same dream when it comes to train travel. 

Day 39 of happiness: about to board 30 hrs train ride from Saigon to Hanoi, 1726km journey. Happy New Year in advance everyone! May peace, compassion and happiness are ours.
1st January 2015 - We arrived at an early hours in Hanoi train station. The weather is quite cold but the station seems to be very lively. We had a coffee break across the street while looking at the direction to our hotel, said to be near to the station. A local girl was assisting Ane with her Google map but I was too tired to pay much attention to it. We finally took a motorbike ride which cost us as much as the coffee that was charged by the lady shop street owner. 
Day 40 of happiness: Year 2014 - too many sad episode deeply affected me as a person whilst Malaysia has barely survived from planes & flood tragedy. I have faith that Allah has silver lining awaiting for all Malaysian in 2015 after all those tests. Not to be saddened by the incidents, @anezarina & I had achieved so much in 2014. We had travelled 5,723km by train in Europe & Asia in 2014 alone....

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A Condominium unit for rent at Persiaran Alam Damai, Altitude 236

I am desperately looking for a tenant for my ready to enter condominium unit that I bought in Altitude 236. My unit is the second biggest type, Type A which has a floor area of 1,808 sqft after the penthouse. It is overlooking a magnificent view of KL city and the best view of the property, i.e. swimming pool. The developer is none other than my favourite IJM Land. The penthouse on top of the floor was sold close at RM2 million, I was told. Mine was not cheap either, though I have been given a very special price after so many elements of discounts being IJM staff. After viewing most of the property compound for the first time, last weekend, I am really satisfied with my investment. It's all worth it. I'm sharing mostly all photos that I snapped that day in this entry.
Below are the basic feature of the property for future tenant to see and consider should they are interested in renting it.
Rent : RM3,000.00 (three thousand ringgit per month)
Deposit : 3 months rent
Floor area : 1,808 sqft
Bedrooms : 4 (including 1 utility room) fitted with lights, AC and Aircond
Bathrooms : 4 (3 with hot water)
Furnished item : Kitchen cabinet with solid top, kitchen hob & kitchen cooker, curtain railing, grill
Others : 2 balcony (living and utility area)

Please call me at 012-6935168 (local cell phone) and or email me at should you keen to inquire further. Thank you.
Entrance from the guest parking lots
Main lobby at Level 1
Decorative panel wall with landscape
Lobby's water fountain at the foyer area
Hard landscape at the curve of residence entrance ramp to the parking lot
Beautiful foyer for guests
A view of my Type A, 1808 sqft unit on level 6 facing swimming pool & city view
The living and balcony, fixed with lightings, fans and AC's
The kitchen and a romantic dining area
There's swimming pool, sauna, gym, BBQ pit and water fountain facing right from the balcony
The island table for breakfast, Fridge can be placed next to it. Black and White, chosen by le hubby
AC's compressor storage area - neat and tidy
View from Bedroom 2
Utility @ maid's room with toilet/shower. The tab is for washing machine & dryer area
Bedroom 2 bathroom
Master bathroom
Bedroom 3 bathroom
AC, lights and curtain railing
Living area next to the main entrance
Nice view from the balcony, sunset is coming from the hill area