Tuesday, October 22, 2013

30 Years of Distinction & Pride, IJM Annual Diner

Event date: 21st September 2013

20 years of service awards

June this year was my 6th working years in IJM. Looking back, not even a tiny of regrets that I had when joining 1 of the largest and renown construction company in Malaysia. I may consider it as the last company before deciding when to retire (p/s: definitely not before the project that I'm working with right now is completed). The other day, I received a call from a head hunter and she was suggesting that I should try shifting to another ship. It took me only half a day thinking about it and cleared the idea off from my head.

Registration part

The company started off 30 years ago by merging 3 companies (I=IGB, J=Jurutama, M=Mudajaya) under 1 umbrella and this year we well celebrated our 30 years of distinction and pride. Coming so far by achieving so much in track records, majority in the country as well as abroad, everyone were showing their happy faces in this year annual dinner. You may check our company's information in our website should you keen to find out more what we offer,

Dancers for opening gambit
Registration was open to all as early as 6.30pm where the staffs gathered with each other from all over from the headquarters, scattered project sites in northern, central and southern Malaysia as well as from abroad and East Malaysia. It's a yearly meeting event. The theme was "Back in Time". Most of the staff (me exclude) were very sporting coming in with their suited attire. I'm sharing their colorful photos below.

The theme, Back in Time - Indian Staffs group
The Chinese Staffs group
The Malay staffs group
The official diner started slightly late than previous years, but after the opening gambit and the speech by our Group CEO & Managing Director, the food presentation was presented by the Sunway Hotel & Resort. By the way, our annual diner was held in Sunway.  

The foods
There was a cut cutting ceremony by a special guest, the 1st Chairman of the group (in wheel chair) with the senior directors. Our most kind hearted CEO & Managing Director was holding a long sword to start the ceremony, and all of us raised our glasses in cheering in below photo.

Cutting cake ceremony by group founder & genius with the 1st IJM's chairman in wheel chair

For the first time too, we have invited a special entertainer who managed to lift up the whole audience spirit by stand up and cheering loudly the Company's name and motto. You may see how the whole floor was responded to his call. Such an entertaining night.

The entertainer, Hilmi the gimmick
She danced away with Hilmi, how entertaining
Crowds follows the cheers "in IJM, We Deliver"
It was a success event and memorable night when the diner was announced as close after the last lucky draw to Bora Bora Island was called. The dance floor was open to all staff to dance their night away for those who opted to continue with the party up till 2am. I left at around 11pm and took below photo with our colleague from K-Euro just to show Deepika what I was wearing that night. 

As for me, I chose a traditional and conventional dress
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