Friday, October 18, 2013

Malay's Wedding - Bride's side

Wedding event: August 2012

The 2 nieces, Ashikin & Aishah carried a wedding gifts from the groom approaching bride's house

October is a wedding month as 3 of my weekend was and shall be fully occupied for the following event:-
1) Aishah's wedding on 13th October 2013 in Kajang,
2) Nadeera's wedding on 19th October 2013 in Bangi; and
3) Nurul's wedding on 27th October 2013

Gathering cum meeting points at Masjid Beijing, Rantau Panjang, our brother Sukiman, the bride in the middle

I took this opportunity to share how the Malay wedding is being performed by sharing the last wedding of our sibling, our youngest brother, Ahmad Sukiman in August 2012. I'm sure my friends from Pakistan and India would want to see some of our Malay wedding custom. As our parent passed away 10 years ago, in 2002, all 8 siblings contributed and take in-charged the whole preparation for him. The groom, in his late 20's will stay as our favorite since young days, being the youngest in the family. 

Waiting pose No. 1

The family gathered at the most impressive architecture, Masjid Beijing, inspired by Tok Guru Nik Aziz (former Kelantan MB and respected religious leader) in Rantau Panjang as many of our close families were coming from all over the place. I'm sharing some of the photos while we waited for the rest to arrive.

Waiting pose No. 2

Waiting pose no. 3

After everyone has gathered, we move on to the mosque nearer to the bride's house as their family could not booked the imam from the Beijing Mosque. It was too many wedding and the imam schedule was fully booked on that day. The couples wedded by the mosque imam witnessed by my 2 brothers on the groom side and the brides authorised wali @ representative as the father has passed away. The photos during the official "akad nikah" performed by the imam and the witnesses in all their happy faces.

The bride separated by mosque curtain

The groom, the witness, the imam

All nieces (cousins from 4 different siblings)

After the "akad nikah" was successfully performed and confirmed, we were heading towards the bride house for simple "sanding ceremony" and reception party, where the lunch was served to all invited guess and the groom's side.

Waiting pose No. 4

Waiting pose No. 5

Now, que for food :)

The groom was ushered inside for wedding photo session followed with getting to know each other well on both sides of the 2 families. Last 2 photos during a colorful and simple Malay wedding.

After a year, the lovely couple is counting days for their expecting baby in November 2013, God Bless!

Our large family photo with the newly wedded couple

Stay tune for next entry on the groom side....

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