Monday, October 21, 2013

Malay's Wedding - Groom side

Wedded couple

We had the wedding reception preparation on our side 6 months before the actual event took place. There's a lot to prepare, i.e. invitation list, foods, tents, the room, the gifts to the bride etc etc. The groom is indeed very lucky as all his siblings contributed to his wedding, being the last who wed. We did everything in equality and harmony, with everyone participation including preparing the food ourselves. Memorable photos during the reception events are now shared here.

3 nephews joint hand to peel off the coconuts, Aizat, Nazhif, Aqil
The eldest helped in slaughtering and cut to pieces the cow and the lamb
My brother took in-charge of the lamb ( when it was slaughtered, Syahirah wiped her tears)
Auntie was getting helps from her nephews and nieces
Cook's assistant with the main chef 

At the time of the wedding, our beloved parents, eldest brother and second youngest sister were not with us as they passed away years ago. It was great to see how all of us reunited in a good spirit to make the event a success. It was held at our late parents house, now in the groom's custody. Below photos are when the bride's arrived along with all other invited guests and the villagers.

Bride and her company 
Candy searching for the kids
Saying prayer
Main table for the bride's family and the groom
Food's section

Among invited guests
The room decoration was sponsored by beloved niece
Though tired and exhausted with whole of that week fully occupied with visiting (on Eid 2012 festivals, solemnization and reception at the bride side and the big day on our side, we were indeed very blessed that the wedding was no doubt, a success. The next day, while parting, we hugs and shed tears of happiness. 

The last photo with close relatives and cousins

Should we gathered again in the same environment, there will be for generation Y's wedding, our nieces and nephews.
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