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Karachi - PAF Museum, 2008

Date of visit: December 2008

On the second year family vacation in Karachi, we got to know many Malaysian and therefore, when my husband and Nazhif reunited with us in December 2008, the itinerary were fully occupied. We spent Eidhul Adha 3 years in a row in Karachi, from 2007 till 2009. Similarly, Nasrul's birthday were celebrated on Christmas eve with Christmas Theme, except in 2007 when we hardly knew anyone.

Our large group (2 families) at PAF museum courtyard

This entry on the special visit is dedicated to Julia and Lokman's family who at 1 time was very close with us. Our teenage children were at similar age and friendship built through being a school mate was something that we treasured most. Now, Julia and Lokman is in Auckland but their 2 pretty girls pursuing higher education in Kuala Lumpur city. I hope to remember in the sweetest way of my friendship with Julia, just how the way she is, sweet.

Posers at the Archive Gallery entrance

PAF museuem is located along Shara-e-Faisal Highway to Jinnah International Airport, at Karsaz. We knew about this place after passing by numerous time on the way in and the way out to the airport. During 1 of the weekend, we planned this amazing trip by inviting along the Karachi besties couple, Dr Abidin and Ar Saiful. Their presence were so entertaining throughout the day.

Ar Saiful, thanks for sharing the photo that I downloaded from your FB :)

A majority of the aircraft, weapons and radar are displayed outside in the park but the main museum is at the archives gallery features all major fighter aircraft that have been used by the Pakistan Air Force. The museum also houses the Vickers VC.1 Viking used by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan and a Folland Gnat of Indian Air Force, that landed in Pasrur in 1965 war. Also on display are the scale models of some WWI, WWII and modern aircraft and photo galleries of almost all the squadrons of PAF.

2 actors posing for cute photo

The museum was established in 1990 in 2 disused hangars in a remote part of the Base. It was expanded significantly from the period 1999 - 2004, which additions include children playing areas, rides, and eateries.

The museum is managed by a committee headed by the Air Officer Commanding Southern Air Command, however it is managed and run by the Deputy Chairman. Recently the Museum has been renamed as Historical Archives Section and given additional responsibilities for maintaining some documented history of the PAF.

Beautiful Julia

Teaser's partner
The museum is open throughout the year for 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm. Entry ticket for Adults is Rs 30 and Children is Rs 20. Only families are allowed on Sunday.

Mirage III Aircraft 

Loves clearly written on the green grass

There is a snack shops at the back of the museum, open to visitors. Proper and clean wash room is also available.

After the visit, we went for lunch prepared by the gorgeous wife of Colonel Zulkiplee who was on a year assignment in Pakistan Airforce Base. We hang out for few hours at their place before we adjourned to Karsaz bowling centre not far from their camp, with their children. 

Children from 3 different families

On the last year in Karachi, 2009, when the place became a home, we had to say goodbye. We ventured the last vacation in Karachi by celebrating the last "Eidhul Adha" and a trip to "Dream World". Just click the link to see what we were doing in 2009.

Maybe 1 day, we shall visit again, who knows? 
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