Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dubai - Evening Desert Safari

Taking an evening off, enjoying the Desert Safari is a must do thing for those who visiting UAE. We, Malaysian do not have desert back home, hence, a memory to share from this place is worth every penny that we spent. 

From the hotel, we were transported to a meeting point where the 4x4 wheel drive was already waiting. We have to be there before 4pm. The most adventurous drive through the desert along Al Awir Road - Dune Bashing begun. It was about 20-30 minutes dune driving and we were all so stiff inside. The expert Pakistani driver played a loud Hindi song to makes it more exciting and relaxing.  

The tour includes several photo stops during an exciting dune drive especially for sun set photography. There were 6 of us in the 4 wheel drive and by the time we stopped at the most suitable place to catch a beautiful sunset photography, other wheel drive also stop. I helped a beautiful Japanese girl who came along to snap 1 of hers and she helped me.    

The drive continued across the desert till we reached a campsite where we have an opportunity to go for a camel ride. There is also other things to do, i.e. sand boarding and try out a henna design on hand or feet. The dinner was about to set, while waiting 1 can opt to enjoy shisha, the famous Arabic water pipe smoke. 

We had to change the 4 wheel drive as ours was stuck in the sand when we were about 2 minutes more to reach the campsite. Immediate rescue came in and we arrived a little bit too early for BBQ dinner. Important to note that as the dune driving is a bit too bumpy, pregnant women and the elderly is not advised to do so.

At the campsite

Arabian foods, such as biryani rice, kebabs etc are available. As for the dessert, the man in below photo was making 1 for all of us. It was a nice sweet flour ball. 

I peeked outside to see groups of people que for camel ride. It was a long que, while waiting in line, I saw tears in camel eyes and decided not to proceed. Thought that I should not burden the animal, no matter what size they are. I was told that camel's mouth had to tie up as they will bite. 

Rather, I went to explore other things that I could without hurting the animals and my feeling. Photo shooting around the campsite is worth more. 

Mushroom lamp shade - closer view

Another mushroom shape lamp needed as it was already dark

Kebabs, ready to eat

Waiting for the show

While having dinner, the belly dancer started to entertain us. She danced magically but I kept on wondering whether what was it she or he??? bhahahaha... sorry! Put that aside, she's having a good skill as a belly dancer but the 1 that I watched in Istanbul in 2004 had so much more skill than her.

The night was ended with the entertaining Tanoura dance, an Egyptian folk dance usually performed in Egyptian Sufi festivals. The dance was performed by Sufi men, called as Darawish. Tanoura dance is similar to Sufi whirling dance famous in Levant and Turkey. In this version, the men wear long colorful skirts (whirling mostly in all white), where each color on the skirt represents one Sufi order. 

After the vehicle took me back to the hotel, I was too exhausted from the bumpy ride and had to rest for a while before getting ready to take early morning flight back to Hyderabad. It was not so bad in Emirates lounge as years goes by. Latest edition in Dubai International Airport, their new train routes helps the passenger a lot to transfer from 1 terminal to another.

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