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Suresh Wedding in Vishakapatnam, India - 2012

Date of the wedding: 12th August 2012

VTPL groups with the wedded couple & the priest

I have completed almost majority of my travelogue in 15 countries though not all 88 cities in the entry list. Initially, the back log has given me tremendous pressure for not meeting the set target. But now, I guess I can proceed writing about "People Category" in 5 labels that I created at the onset. The People category is about a special person who touches my heart, regardless of my own families and friends that I met along my journey to look for peace and truth since I set my foot out in June 2007.

When Suresh smile.... the night before the wed ceremony

I meant to write, since long time ago about Suresh wedding, that I attended with my colleague during my role as a Project Team Leader for the Highway Concessionaire. The wedding set place in Suresh hometown in Vishakapatnam or the current city name is Vizag. It was my second trip to Vizag after a weekend leave to Araku Valley. We journeyed together in 3 separate cars from Vijayawada to reach Vishakapatnam on the night of the wedding.

Mother-in-law washes Suresh's feet before he entered the wedding hall. Suresh hold on to the coconut till he was ushered inside the hall
I had my henna done while waiting for the photo session & cut cutting ceremony (Santosh behind me)

It was an arranged marriage in accordance to the traditional custom of Indian community. Suresh's family and the bride's family has set almost everything for them. By the way, Suresh is among the staff that I treasured most in my office as he handles the planning and meticulous progress reporting beside certification of progress payment to the EPC Contractor. Me, Suresh and Deepika clicks well when it come to work related. I would never ever forget these 2 wonderful person who are so obedient, hard working and committed to their works. Most importantly, the 2 of them has a genuine heart. *Will not deliberate more on the genuity.

The couple was firstly separated by a piece of cloth whilst their side of family stand on the divided section, Suresh and his family by his sides, his sister-in-law and brother, aunties, sister who now resides in US
The hold each others head on top of dried rice for a long time while the priest chanting the wedding chants with both families surround them. Suresh later confessed that it was so tiring holding on his hand like that.
Deepika and I had our photos during their painful moments..hehe
Both smiles after it was over and their heads being cleared from the rice, whilst the chant continues for sometime
Next, they poured a large handful of rice onto each others head, the supporters (their family, I mean) also sat down with them at the time
They exchange 3 garland of flowers into each other after they are officially wedded (I only guess..haha), while stand up for photos
The priest hold on to their feet ( 1 side each) while continued with chanting prayer
Both stepped outside the hall showing and looking at the wedded star
The wood sandal (hard enough to torture you..hehe) that Suresh had to wear during the star looking event, he told that it's awfully painful and difficult to walk with.. of course!!
The family celebrated the successful event by having a photo session on the stage

Suresh family and I first met 3 months before the wedding when we stopped for lunch at his parents house during my personal trip to Vizag. It was a joy, meeting a wonderful and kind hearted family. Suresh's auntie (his mother's sister) stays next door as the house is built in a detached Semi-D type. The 2 sisters imitate each other in their house decoration, a sweet thing as sharing is loving. You can truly assess how well the person's character turned out to be after you met the family. 

Group photo before I went back to rest after a tiring waits :(

Deepika and I in our memorable Saree

Food session

Small talented girl entertained our group

Whatever you do and wherever you are, Suresh, I wish to say that you are in my prayer. You deserves a real happiness in life and I hope you found the peace and the bliss within yourself. You don't have to worry a thing as God will always protect you, Amen!

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