Monday, October 7, 2013

Islamabad Trip with my sister, 2010

I have no motivation to write today but I had a dateline to meet, i.e. to finish all travelogue entry so that from 3rd week of this month, I would be able to post live all current events rather looking back at the history of the lost event. I'm going back to school on 24th October, hence, no matter how I lazy I am, I had to continue clearing old diary.

Arrival in Islamabad International Airport, Domestic terminal

Well, after my family demobilisation from Pakistan in end 2009, my sister and brother came for a visit as I was still occupying an apartment in Platinum Residency till I too received an approval to work in the HQ. It was in February 2010 when the 2 of them came to Karachi. Few days after their arrival, I had to fly to Islamabad for office matter. My sister followed me but my brother stayed behind in Karachi.

Bahria  Town Country Club

My sister with Nahran, at IJM's batching plant

We landed in Islamabad  with PIA morning flight and while I attended meetings my sister explored the country club in Bahria Town with my colleague. Thanks to him, my sister had a company. The company has a shared accomodation for the staff in Bahria Town, known as the safest township with less criminal rate. We stayed there during our stay as the house is pretty much comfortable and fully equipped.

Bahria Town, set themselves in Islamabad is a rival to DHA (Defence Housing Authority), which well established by the Arabian Sea frontage in Karachi. Both township, 1 in the North and another in the South offerred gated communities in the suburbs of major cities in Pakistan. The most interesting part about Bahria is the group founder, Mr Malik Riyaz Hussain who started the company by being a small time contractor.

Mr Malik has raised himself up to where he is now in the 1980's. During the previous Pakistan President reign, Mr ASif Ali Zardari, Bahria has commenced it's trademark building, Bahria Icon Tower right next to Abdullah Shah Gazi in Karachi city. KBCA granted an approval for the excavation in 2008 and the building will become an iconic skyscrapper, the tallest building in Pakistan once it is completed by end 2015.

What my sister and I like most from our trip was the food that we enjoyed during a business dinner in the city the night we arrived. The soft meaty juicy lamb prepared in Kashmiri style was something worthwhile to enjoy. 

On our last night in Islamabad, we had Japanese food at a colleague's Jap Restaurant located in Diplomatic Enclave. Due to restricted security area, the restaurant was not really doing well as those who wishes to enter is required to bring their International Passport, the area are strictly meant for the diplomats.

In Kampai Restaurant with the chef himself

To be continued with a trip to Muree Hills. 
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