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Sharing Medical Knowledge on Vaginitis

Many women are suffering from vaginitis but is shy to share those sickness with friends or even the doctor. I am one of those. Vaginitis is define by as an inflammation of the vagina that can result in discharge, itching and pain. The cause is usually a change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria or an infection. Vaginitis can also result from reduced estrogen levels after menopause (not yet for my case). The most common types of vaginitis are:
  • Bacterial vaginosis, which results from overgrowth of one of several organisms normally present in your vagina
  • Yeast infections, which are usually caused by a naturally occurring fungus called Candida albicans
  • Trichomoniasis, which is caused by a parasite and is commonly transmitted by sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis), which results from reduced estrogen levels after menopause
Treatment depends on the type of vaginitis you have.

Follow leaflet instruction by inserting the feminine wash up to level A @ B and add warm water to the full bottle. Cleanse privately in the toilet until it was all utilised, get dried and keep safe for regular use. Do this before bedtime.

As far as I remember, I had this problems during my teenage age but did not even once refers to any doctor or share those problem with my parents. I kept to myself whilst trying traditional method. The hygiene cleansing way as being practice by the Malays are using crush betel leaves with water to cleanse away the itchiness. It works for some level but did not really cleanse the internal infected area. I was again having those problem during 6 years of productive period having babies. The gynecologist had given few types of antibiotic, itchiness pill, anti fungal cream and vaginal infection pill that is to be inserted inside your vaginal. It stopped for many many years as for my case. 

Take medication, antibiotic and/or itchiness pill

Few months back, the symptom occurred and after I could not able to tolerate the itchiness and pain (due to scratching), I went to see the doctor. She had to checked the down under and I had to spread my legs for her to inspect the vaginal, inside and out. It was after all an embarrassing situation (still) after numerous experience during labor delivery and monthly check out in those days. She found substantial amount of curds, form from either fungus called Candida albicans or Trichomoniasis parasite or maybe Bacterial vaginosis. It was at that time was not important for me to know as I really wishes to get rid on uncomfortable feeling down under. So, I took the vaginal infection pill (inserted at nights) to cure those parasites for 6 nights as well as some antibiotics. It works like magic and I was happy. Thereafter the peps smear result test was excellent. 

Insert the pill as deep as you can (lying down in bed) and possibly don't wake up from the bed as you may by this time straight away had a peaceful sleep.

Few weeks back, the nerve around my thigh were swollen both sides. The doctor told me that it was due to bad vagina infection and she prescribed me an antibiotic"Doxymycin", 10 for me and another 10 for my husband. It did not gave much effects beside the swollen nerves were subsides. The itchiness and uncomfort pain suddenly recur which forced me to go back to the clinic that treated me last time. This time she gave me a stronger antibiotic, Curam 625mg contains of Amoycilin 500mg B.P., Clavulanic Acid 125mg as potassium salt B.P. She advised me to flush away the curds or any bacterial inside the vagina (if any) using "douching" (please refer to the 1st photo the douching apparatus from Betadine feminine wash brand that I purchased from the pharmacy for RM30 after discount from RM38).

That night, cleansing the vagina using the douching made me realised that I can help many women's out there to get similar self treatment. In the last photo, I shared the infection pill to be inserted deep under using it's own apparatus before bedtime. You still had to get an antibiotic, should the infection is severe from either the pharmacy or medical practitioner. Else, you may follow my 3 steps shown on the the shared photo.

Good luck ladies. Last but not least I'm sharing here Vaginitis treatment and drugs, copied from Mayo Clinic website. 

Treatments and drugs

By Mayo Clinic Staff
A variety of organisms and conditions can cause vaginitis, so treatment targets the specific cause.
  • Bacterial vaginosis. For this type of vaginitis, your doctor may prescribe metronidazole tablets (Flagyl) that you take by mouth, metronidazole gel (MetroGel) that you apply to your vagina, or clindamycin cream (Cleocin) that you apply to your vagina. Medications are usually used once or twice a day for five to seven days.
  • Yeast infections. Yeast infections usually are treated with an antifungal cream or suppository, such as miconazole (Monistat), clotrimazole (Gyne-Lotrimin) and tioconazole (Vagistat). Yeast infections may also be treated with a prescription oral antifungal medication, such as fluconazole (Diflucan). The advantages of over-the-counter treatment for a yeast infection are convenience, cost and not having to wait to see your doctor. The catch is you may be treating something other than a yeast infection. It's possible to mistake a yeast infection for other types of vaginitis or other conditions that need different treatment. Using the wrong medicine may delay a proper diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment.
  • Trichomoniasis. Your doctor may prescribe metronidazole (Flagyl) or tinidazole (Tindamax) tablets.
  • Thinning of vaginal lining (vaginal atrophy). Estrogen, in the form of vaginal creams, tablets or rings, can effectively treat atrophic vaginitis. This treatment is available by prescription from your doctor.
  • Noninfectious vaginitis. To treat this type of vaginitis, you need to pinpoint the source of the irritation and avoid it. Possible sources include new soap, laundry detergent, sanitary napkins or tampons.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nasrul the Christmas Boy

Nasrul is the forth child in the family, our apple boy (who loves Apple product and anonymously a SIRI stalker). He was born on Christmas eve, 25th December 1997. I planned well with my gynae for special delivery to a 1998 new year baby, instead he himself decided to come out a week earlier. Due to that he use to mixed up his age as 1 year older whenever Christmas came. It makes him the youngest in his classes.

Hubby and I added him as our wish list for us to have an ideal pairs of children, 2 girls 2 boys. We agreed that we will not go through anymore pregnancy after having the last baby. With such great confidence, we made self declaration and sharing that news to our 3 small kids that we were expecting a baby girl. Hence, all preparation were in pink color. Hubby got me a new pregnancy suit whilst I get myself a special tailored maternity suit for my last pregnancy. It was a happy mood right from the beginning of welcoming a new baby girl into our family.

On the last month of pregnancy, the 3 children's were following me for the monthly check-up. The gynecologist, Dr Nik of Ampang Puteri Medical Hospital was excitedly asking the 3 kids whether they wanted to know the gender of the baby. We were all smiling confidently about the pink baby but before any of us can answered him, he pointed to the scanner machine and loudly said "IT'S A BOY". Suddenly, the world seems changing color from pink to blue, making all of us so blurred. WHAT DOCTOR???? what what what???

Thereafter, on the way back home, in the car nobody speaks a word. It was a stressful day. My head full of thoughts and puzzled about what to do with the pink baby's clothing? Should I got it replace at the mall or would it be weird if we dress him in a girl suits. Notwithstanding the shocking news, we were so determined that Nasrul would be the last boy in our family.

Despite that twisted fact, we have a good house Indonesian maid that the kids called "Kak Ning". She worked for us for many many years and the children and I love her so much. At this point of time, we do not have anymore house domestic problems. I was doing my 1st degree via external programme, attending night classes after works and was doing very well with the examinations result despite having 3 kids and heavily pregnant with Nasrul. At 1 point I scared my classmate with my overly eating habits which includes an extra liking for durians.

On the last trimester of the pregnancy, we (my classmate & I) were assigned with Domes construction's project. I was not there to present the paper as I was at the hospital. On my behalf, they were pointing at our Dome project as Aswana's Dome which was about to be exploded. It was a great year as I was graduated with 4 children's as well as obtaining my 1st degree in Construction Management via external programme. 

On 25th December (a public holiday in Malaysia), we went shopping for a new sofa. Hubby wanted to get us a present as it was time for us to have a fair quality of good furniture at home. We had by that time, settled down in our own house that we stayed since the last 4 years. The truth is, we had all 4 children's within 6 years of marriage, such a productive married couple.  

We went to several's furniture shops that day. When we got home, as soon as I came out from the car, the water naturally flew in between my leg as if I was urinating heavily. It came without any urge, without me feeling anything of what was going on down there. The water was splashing like a pail full of water being thrown away. I was clueless and hubby was asking what were you thinking? Why did you pee that much? Why cant you go to the toilet for that little business? I just said "I don't know, I don't feel anything... It just flowing without control". It was my first experienced that the water broke by itself without being punched like in previous case in the 3 labor room experiences. 

The contraction came 2 hours later given us sufficient time to make necessary preparation. My sister came soon after to accompany children's while hubby took me to the hospital after Maghrib's prayer. With previous labor pain experienced, 12 hours in Syahirah's case, 10 hours of Nazhif's delivery and 8 hours during Naim's, I manage to count the frequencies of the contraction before we made a call to the hospital. We both were very calm that time but I was nervous like "O God, please save me by giving me less pain than the last time". I was pale by the time we reached the hospital.

After I was pushed to the labor room with contraction monitoring belt being placed around my belly, doctor entered the room. As soon as I saw him, I apologise for ruining his Christmas holiday. He merely smile but professionally assured me that it was his duty, a routine being a gynecologist. I tried my last chance if he could do something to prolong the delivery as I seriously wanted Nasrul to be delivered next week, a new year eve baby. He politely checking and saying softly that the opening was already too big. He left for a short while to his office but the nurses were with me beside my husband.

He left me for a short while to his office room. Soon after, the urge of pushing naturally came but the nurses ask me to hold on to wait for them to call the doctor. Hell no, how could I control the urge when the baby's head was already at the opening doorway? Let me tell you, it was the very first time that the labor pain was felt less than 6 hours from it's very first contraction i.e. about 2 hours after the water broke at home. A while ago, when we were left alone in the labor room, seeing my horrible pale face, hubby said that the children would cry to see me at that situation (a scared to death face) and he again promised me that he will not allow me going through the delivery period again. True to his word, that was the last time, I was in the labor room.

I was relieved to see the doctor's approaching as I am now free to push the baby safely. It was just a nice time to pull out the baby's body and do the needful. Hubby and I were both smiling proudly when the doctor commented that this baby is very brave as the first thing he did was widely opened his eyes staring at the doctor without any words. He was not even cried like any other baby use to do. It was like he was shocked seeing the world outside the safe womb for the first time. Hence, the doctor had to slapped his butt to wake him from his shock. Only then, we heard his loud voice (after a slaps). Nasrul loves to hear this story and he will asked me to repeat it again and again. He stopped asking about in since 2 years ago. 

Different from Pusat Rawatan Islam Medical centre, the baby was send to my room immediately after he's been clean for feeding at Ampang Puteri Medical Hospital. The nurses left him there for me to take care instead of placing him at the nursery. They will take him twice a day for bath and send it back to my room. It was a very first experience to look after the baby right after the delivery but I felt great being able to change his first big business. After 3 days 2 nights at the hospital we were discharged.

Few days later, we traveled to my hometown in Kelantan to be with my late mother's as it was her routine looking after our (my sisters and I) early confinement stage. Nasrul had his aqigah ceremony in Kelantan. After everything was settled and after almost 2 weeks, we returned to KL. Hubby had arranged for the new sofa's delivery before we arrived home. 

Nasrul had a privilege to breast feed exceeding a normal age period of 2 years. It goes beyond forbidden age from 4 to 5 years. He's been spoiled too much until we both were so worried that he will never wanted to move out from our shared bedroom. Sometimes we were wondering when will this boy grow up. Will he ever grow up? When he was in Karachi he gets an Internet education about how baby is born (in pictorial form). Ever since that, his parent is not allowed to sleep next to another as he sleeps in between us. He will make sure no we have physical contact; worried that another baby will come to replace his spot as a favourite person in the whole universe. But rest assured, getting into 17 years of age this coming Christmas, we were so reliefs that he himself acted like a true teenager. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Naim, our noble son

Naim is the 3rd children, our son no. 2. He came into this world without plan as Allah has better plan for us all. When my menstrual was delayed, hubby and I were in a panicked state. Based on my friend suggestion, I swallowed panadol pills with cokes can drink, praying that the routine will come soon. On the second week with no sign of menstrual and after much deliberation between us, we decided to consult the doctor.

Doctor had confirmed our pregnancy. Later, we honestly told the doctor that we were not ready for another child as the existing 2 were too much for us to handle, physically and financially. The third reason was due to hubby's routine as an auditor. He was always on the move for his auditing works, only home for 6 months in a year. It was tough for me when maids usually a non reliable. But the Doctor firmly told us that he will not going to do "that" (no abortion mention) nor given any pill to harm the fetus as it was a big sin. Yes it is, we knew that but hearing the lecture from him that day saddened us more.

We sought forgiveness and started accepting the reality that it was a gift from Allah to test us. When it was time to deliver the cutest baby boy in the whole universe, we both wept in tears. It was an emotional moment for a sinful intention we had over this little boy of not wanting him at the. Who are we to say that? He merely came through us as it is fated that he will be born by us. May Allah forgive our sin.

Alhamdulillah, when he was born, there's nothing wrong physically with him though later during teenage years, he had given us so much headache. Having 4 children's made us realised that each one differs a lot from another in terms of their character though they were from the same womb. Only Syahirah and Naim were having a hard teenage years life but the other 2 grow up normally without any. I had to read a book "Don't Stop Loving Me" in dealing with all the headache Syahirah has given me, but somehow, she naturally change. The same happened in Naim's case.

Still on confinement stage, 1 month

Naim has the sweetest smile and a polite attitude. We have not come across any case that anybody dislike him. Family and friends always praise him for being so nice as he treated everyone equally. Till now he always share with me stories (until I told him to stop) of how he pity those unfortunate people, hoping that I'll took pity also and willing to help them financially. There was 1 time I saw him giving money to a stranger (an adult) when that jobless guy asked. His reasoning was very simple yet touching "Mama, that man said he has not eaten the whole day, though I know that I have less money too but I took pity on him". Judging his character so far, he, no doubt, inherited that from my husband, who, numerous times invited stranger (rather beggar) into the house, giving them drinks, sometimes food.

Naim was the easiest baby to take care. He loves my milk and grew up so big from my milk. I had to be cruel to Nazhif though he sometimes wanted the same milk too. It was tough to breast feed 2 babies at the same time. Islam encourage 2 years of breast feeding but in Nazhif case, was less than 18 months. But Nazhif adored his baby brother more than anything else. He chose to sleep next to him and if not watched properly will try lifting his brother like a big guy.

Syahirah on the other hand treated Naim like a baby doll, her own human doll. At that point of time, hubby bought her a doll so that she too could possessed a baby. That doll came with a a magic feeding bottle. She was very passionately feeding both babies (Naim & the doll) as if she was the most luckiest mother having 2 babies to look after. To be very honest, having 3 of small kids in 1995 was a miserable state of mind. I had to balance and sacrifice a lot of thing being a working mother at the same time was struggling, was a misery.

Back to Naim, he started smoking when he was in secondary school, form 3, aged 13 years old. I came to know about it a year later when I checked his hand phone. We immediately arranged him to be with me in Karachi so that I can watch over him. Later on we had no choice but had accepted his smoking habit but sternly advised him that he has to use his allowances for it. It gave a big burden for him to manage so little money for food and cigarette. Finally he came to me for help, he decided to quit. It was not easy thing to quit once a person are addicted smokers. 

Only last year, in 2013 he is declared as a non-smoker after a strong determination, returning home from National Service. We were all so very proud as good things happened when it decided to happen. Naim used to tell his father that "Papa, please stop smoking, I don't want you to die" after he watched a TV programme about smokers. That time he was still very very young. May he will not repeated a bad habit again in the future. The same thing we did to know his circle of friends. We, as a parent should know who and where he hang out with. Loves and attentions are 2 main ingredients to protect your children from going a wrong way. 

Naim has been loved by my late parent so much. When he was about 5 years old, we left him under my late parents guardian for few months after much persuasion from my late mother. Under the care, it was the only time that we saw Naim eats properly while being playful with natures in the village. How I missed those days. If only time can be return back, there's so many things I wishes to revise. Sigh. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The first boy - Nazhif

When Syahirah was 26 months old, we brought Nazhif back from the hospital. She was at the point when I was admitted to give birth to our first son was still breast feeding. Pitied her as she has to stop breast feed and depended solely on the bottle milk. Nazhif was born on 2nd March 1994 at the same hospital where Syahirah was born. Doctor Salleh, my gynae was present though it was time for sehri, a morning meal to start fasting. I was not fasting in the whole month but managed to replace all before the following fasting month begins. The tip is through strict discipline to fast minimum 3 days a months soon after the confinement (30 days divide by 10 months).

Hubby was not present during labor time as he went back home for a short while for sehri and promised to return to the hospital as soon as he can. The baby could not wait and doctor decided to proceed without hubby's presence. It was almost 10 hours of labor pains when the gynae finally managed to pull out Nazhif's big head. I was too panic and forgot all about pushing technique causing the blood spots appearing on my whole face (due to over pushing). It was a tiny blood spots as if my face was got bitten by the mosquitoes.  

The nurses and the doctor were with me the whole time. I felt special, safe and protected though husband was not presence at those critical time. It was a normal delivery without any induce pill and I was in a very lesser pain compared to my first experienced with Syahirah. The nurse was equally excited to see the baby's and they started guessing that the baby is a girl. Only the head nurse guessed a boy and she was right. Nazhif was very fair and very much girl alike when he was a baby.  

Hubby arrived just in time when the baby got washed clean by the nurses. He gave the first azan (call for prayer) to Nazhif's ear (obligatory by a Muslim for the newborn baby). No slapping that time as I was truly overjoyed with a bundle of joy, having a pair in a family of 4. We both kept staring at his face over and over again. Could not believe that Allah has given a complete family for us back in 1994, just after 3 years of marriage life. Nazhif completes our ideal family list.

3 days later, we brought Nazhif's home. A home is the house that we bought as mentioned earlier in a story about Syahirah. After a short waiting period, the house key was successfully handed over; enable us to shift in right before Nazhif's delivery. We shifted to Cheras in end of 1993. Nor, the girl holding Nazhif in the 3rd picture and above was our first maid. We hired her few months before shifting to a new house. Nor had helped a lot with the shifting and looking after the babies during my confinement. She is a Malay Siamese from Thailand border. 

Nazhif has a big eyes but a stubborn character since small till now. Being no. 2 in the family made this boy very difficult to handle when he grew up. He sought all our attention on him which quite hard when later the other 2 boys join our world. However, he has a strong determination and always strive the best in whatever he did. That made us a proud parent. 

When he was in primary school, we sent him for a 2 days motivation classes. What he recorded in his wisdom list to wrap-up the training, suffice to made us, the parent feeling so very proud. This guy has a very far dream to be successful in his 30's by listing of what he needed to do in order to achieve those. He was at that time 12 years old. But, life is not as sweet as you may dream for. Along the way, one has to stumble in order to have greater motivational spirit to overcome those failures. I've seen that spirit in him. 

Unfortunately for this boy, when below photo was captured, he, still that very small state was due to welcome a baby brother. I felt so guilty for not able to give full time breast feeding, full attention and enough love as not even a year later, we were unexpectedly conceived. It came as a big surprised. It brought tears of pain and joy at a later stage. To be continued....

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Syahirah, 7th February 1992

Happy Birhday, baby girl

Our daughter is 22 years old today and I wish her a wonderful life ahead of her in whatever she decides to do or which direction will lead her path. We conceived her on our first month though my menstrual came few days after the wedding. She was born on Friday, 7th February 1992 before the Friday prayer slightly past noon time.

We were truly overjoyed when the doctor confirmed my pregnancy as becoming pregger brought so much happiness to the whole family, especially on my mother-in-law sides. After the news, we were looking for our first property, a house of our own and it was in Cheras that we finally chose. Our parent were not really happy as they wanted us to buy in Selayang somewhere near their place but we both had fallen so much in love with the 2 strorey intermediate house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. Mak (mother-in-law) kept on saying that the journey was too far for her when  we took her and father in law to see the house model at the site. We stayed at the rented house in Sri Gombak from May 1991 till successful handing over keys of our first house.

God bless that the highway was built on concession by the Grand Saga few years later which improves the road conditions as well as the traffics. Due to that, the value of the house shoot up 4 times from the time we bought it in 1991 at only RM99,000.00. 

Witha Paksu Aman in Melaka Resort Hotel

In Genting Highland

It was a wonderful pregnancy period though the 1st trimester was not really good. During that time I took a driving licenses and passed on the 1st road driving test. I was 7 and half month pregnant when I sat on the driving test and the big tummy protruding up to make the JPJ tester had a pity on me. He even helped me to fasten the seat belt. The car engine was even dead at the traffic light area but he was kind to let it passed as I was telling him that I need to passed that time with my husband working outstation (very true) every alternate month with his bank auditing's work. Should I failed, I have to wait until after my delivery. JPJ would not allow those trimester pregger on the test.

With late grand mother - So much love

With her late grandfather - laughing together

Towards the last month of pregnancy, hubby was excused from performing auditing outside the head quarters which gave us more comfort in getting the final preparation before we received Syahirah into our world. Shopping for baby needs were the most en joyful trips for us both though we started only after on the 7th month. We knew it was a girl after regular check-up at the gynaecologist. Aman, my youngest brother in law was with us when the gynae informed the result and he immediately broke the joyful news to mother in law.

Papa Girl, always

Happiness overload

I had the first contraction on 7th February morning at around 1 am. It came slowly but frequently after 3am. Hubby was not happy as he thought I was faking the pain. After a very serious painful groans from me, we decided to check-in at the hospital, Pusat Rawatan Islam in Jalan Ipoh. My gynae, Dr Salleh was not on duty but the lovely beautiful Dr Nora was around to handle the delivery.

Her first walker

In Kuching, 22nd January 1993

I was pushed to the labor room at about 10.00 am when the contraction was strong enough. After 10 hours, the doctor decided to induce and the pain thereafter was unbelievable, unacceptable to the stake that I slapped hubby when he tried to pacify me by saying that every other women went through the same pain as me. The nurse was laughing at the scene. 

With late Maksu Eda in Pantai Irama, Bachok

With her cousin, Fatin in Sarikei, Sarawak

God bless me, after close to 12 hours of labor pain, I had given birth to a lovely little girl that brought tears to us both at about 12.30 noon. Though tired and in pain, the rest are history, I kept on looking at her bliss face feeling blissful with the gift from Allah. I was the most happiest mother in the entire universe.

I want her to know that we, as her parent, would always want the best for her though she was not ours to claim. She came through us but she belongs not to us, she has life on her own. Whenever she hurts my feeling and/or whenever we were both in disagreement I would only able to calm myself, saying my prayer and read again and again the famous poet "Children by Kahlil Gibran".

Spending eid in Bachok

With beloved utie

To you my daughter, MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY". Whatever path Allah has laid upon you, do remember us in your thought, sometime. We shall love and be there for you always and please remember that you and the rest of your sibling will be in our prayer always.