Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Childrens

Date: 26th October 2008

My children and Iin 2008 when they sending me off to the airport back to Karachi

We snapped a photo at KLIA airport on departure to Karachi after 18days Eid' break. Children grown-up so fast. Too busy to analyse how much that I had achieved so far, I almost forgottent that I now had 3 grown-up teenager and a small boy who defensively denied of his age, which not yet 12. He keep on claiming that he is 12 on the coming christmas. Being the youngest, he's always the apple of our eyes. Whatever he does or say, it still sounds like music to our ear. No sign of commitment besides sports, games and demanding presents, So beautiful!

I am 42 yet still feeling young in heart. Sigh! I'm tuning to my childrens favourite songs and still dance whenever I can. Since my daughter and I are sharing same size (clothes and shoes), we theoritically are sharing almost everything except the undies. We shopped till drop at KLCC buying bra's and panties. She's bustier than me, nothing to complaint as she doesnt look like me at all, more on my husband. It safes lots of money when you share. Material things are faded easily unlike love thus lets had an attitude "sharing is loving".

Handling adolescents are not easy task. It needs lots of tears along the way for you not to give-up loving them unconditionally. I've been blessed so far, managed to overcome those problem with my daughter and she's now, proud to say having such virtue that any parents wants. Intelligence and excell in studies are not everything as that provides for life security only. To possess an internal values of life, obedient, polite, good heart are not easy to get.

For all the parents out there, please stop comparing the childrens and put so much high target on them. The time will come for them to appreciate those thing needed in life. Let the kite flow with the wind and pull them back whenever it's coming down or too eager to fly off.