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Nazhif first backpacker trip in UK & Ireland

A week has gone by since Nazhif left to continue his student life in Glasgow. And few days ago, the university that I'm currently pursuing my law degree had sent the 2016/2017 scheduler through email. It means my study break is almost over. Classes to resume very soon. Time running very fast, yet I'm still at the point where I am now, dreaming as if I'm having a peaceful lifetime vacation without any heavy commitment to pick up a book. Sigh, I become too lazy. My blog has not even move to any next level too though I keep on reminding myself that reading and writing are 2 main things to do after the exam had ended in late August month. So I thought, Nazhif's first travelogue that I planned during his winter break is going to be the motivation blog entry. It was a 10 days traveling as backpacker in 9 cities within England and Ireland.

The itineraries were as follows for those who wishes to follow the same route and who is on budget. For the record, he merely spent 250 Pounds for the whole trip.

London – 31st Dec 2014 till 2nd Jan 2016
Day 1 – 31st Dec
·                Check-in Malaysian Hall
·                Hyde Park/Kensington Garden (within walking distance as it seated only across the road)
·                London Eye – preferably at night masa new year countdown @ 31st Dec
Day 2 – 1st Jan
·                Palace of Westminster
·                Buckingham Palace
·                St. Paul’s Cathedral
·                Tower of London – the bridge & the royal palace and fortress, seated side by side
Day 3 – 2nd Jan
·                Bus to Bristol

Bristol – 2nd Jan till 4th Jan
Day 1
·                Clifton Suspension Bridge
·                SS Great Britain – Passenger ship Museum
·                St Mary Redcliff, Anglican church
·                Bristol Harbour
Day 2 – 3rd Jan
·                Day trip vide local bus to Bath *34minutes drive, so wisely plan your departure time
·                Bath – Bath Abbey, Royal Crescent & Roman Bath if you have time
·                Bath to Stonehenge *1 hour drive to reach. Spend only 1 hour & return to Bristol

Day 3 – 4th Jan
·                Bus to Sheffield
Remarks: we argued on whatsapp messenger at this point as I insisted for him to tour in Birmingham city since he was already there! Finally, he did though we ended pissing each other off!

Sheffield – 4th till 5th Jan
·                Sheffield university
·                Winter garden
·                Sheffield Cathedral
·                Town Hall

Manchester – 5th till 7th Jan
Day 1 – 5th Jan
·                John Ryland’s Library
·                Manchester Cathedral
·                Manchester Museum or Arena where concert was held
Day 2 – 6th Jan
·                Bus ride to Liverpool *1 hour drive
·                Anfield *A MUST VISIT
·                The Beatles story
·                World Museum (old building) or Museum of Liverpool (modern building)
·                Bus ride back to Manchester
Day 3 – 7th Jan
·                Old Traford/Stretfod
·                Manchester Town Hall *a must
·                Flight to Dublin

Dublin – 7th till 9th Jan
Day 1 – Night city view after dinner
Day 2 – 8th Jan
·                Cliffs of Moher *3 hours drive from Dublin, spend 1.5 hours there, entrance fee=6pound
·                Full day trip *Harry Porter filming area
Day 3 – 9th Jan
·                Dublin Castle
·                St Patrick’s Cathedral
·                Kilmainham Gaol
·                Malahide Castle
·                Flight back to Glasgow

After he finished the whole tour, I was deeply touched when he posted in his Instagram as to summarise his so called wonderful trip on 11th January 2016. He thanked me by saying "my trip could not be perfect without the help of my mom. Although she is in Malaysia but she planned my last minute trip, and I just went for it, always a phone call away when I'm stuck"... and I've been awarded in a hashtag #Igotacoolmum.

The highlight of the 2015 trip - celebrating new year at London Eye, with this view is definitely priceless!

You know how touch I was, being appreciated? It mean a world to receive a sincere appreciation for a little thing that I did. 

At Buckingham Palace with all 3 GMI (German Malaysia Institute) ex-colleques who are pursuing Master Degree in UK

In summary, from 31/12/2015 till 09/01/2016, his solo trip takes him from Glasgow - London - Bristol - Bath - Stonehenge - Birmingham - Sheffield - Manchester - Liverpool - Dublin - Glasgow. 9 cities in 10 days where he missed 3 buses schedule, crashed at his friends house in Bristol, Sheffiled, Manchester and Dublin. Though I have given him a budget of 500 Pound, he actually spent only half of it. Mainly due to a huge savings from accommodation cost.

With a former primary school classmate at Clifton Suspension Bridge

At Bath Abbey *Am missing this pure, genuine smile

Despite his unwillingness to visit Stonehenge because to him it's just a stone but to me it's not an ordinary stone, this stonehenge. So in the end he reflected to my request. And he sent this photo with a message "This is for you Ma!"

He was stranded for few hours at Birmingham Bus Station due to misunderstanding on platform/buses schedule and ended touring Birmingham city with these 2 friends who came to take him around. Behind is the St Martin Church located at Bullring, Birmingham city centre.

Posing at the fountain of Sheffield Town Hall

University of Manchester where he originally wanted to enroll

Liverpool Anfield Stadium

When in Liverpool, must visit The Beatles Story

His 1st visit to Manchester United Stadium, the famous Old Trafford

At Manchester City, Etihad Stadium with a friend who he stayed at for 2 nights

The famous Cliff of Moher

Galway Bay Island waiting for Dolphins to surface

At the Dublin Castle with his friend who provided him him a 2 nights accommodation

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