Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Karachi - Feb 2010, Sibling's visit

Thanks to the scanner machine, I now have sufficient photos to record my sister and my youngest brother visit to Karachi in February 2010. The printed photos are from my sister collection. Our family future generations may be able to see places of interest included in their visit during that trip.

Arriving day in Jinnah International Airport

As I have to attend office matters on work days, except for weekends during their stay, most of the visits were accompanied by Daim, our office driver. I have given list of places for Daim to take them so they wont missed anything at all. In fact, Karachi is not a bad place to visit. Once, I bumped into a Malaysian couple in Sunday Bazaar who informed that they purposely book a trip on their own for shopping. Amazingly it was a taxi driver who informed them about the Sunday Bazaar in DHA Phase 8 where we, Malaysian will gathered during a weekend. 

Clifton Beach

Firstly, Daim took them to Clifton Beach where my sister was seen taking photo with the camels. Though the Clifton beach do smell a lot but it was an experience to see the Arabian Sea on a rocky beaches unlike our clean sandy beaches on a different ocean. The smells mainly due to the sewerage dumped into the sea by the nearby DHA housings (perhaps.. not 100% sure), however, Clifton Beach are still 1 of the main attraction to the locals and also to foreigner.

Jinnah Mausoleum

On Different day, Daim took the 2 of them to Mazar-e-Quaid @ Jinnah Mausoleum, the tomb (mazar) of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The mausoleum is an iconic symbol of Karachi throughout the world. The mausoleum, completed in the 1960s is situated at the heart of the city not far from my office. I was not able to accompany them at that time due to work but after their visit, they had stopped to pack my favorite lunch, Beef Pulao from Bahadurrabad.

After lunch, I took a time off to take them shopping in Levis shop at Zainab Market. There is a Levis factory in Karachi, hence, the items sold in Levis factory outlet are pretty much cheaper than any of the outlet in Malaysia. Zainab market is a famous shopping areas, rather spacious bazaar, offered variety of reasonable price of local products, i.e. leather jackets, shawl, kurta (ladies tops) etc. 

Below photo was snapped behind Levis rows of shop, there was an expansion of Zainab Market into a bigger mall at that time. Now, the building was completed and business is operating. From the time I landed in Karachi in 2007 till my last visit in June 2013, I witnessed quite a number of success development in Karachi City, though ours was hurled back. Everything changing just like how fast Kuala Lumpur city has been developed.

Later in the afternoon, Daim took them to Sadar Market for more shopping. Daim took below photo as I was not there. Important to note that Karachi's development is far behind from India as well as Malaysia though they achieved independence from the British way before us. They wont be any electrics wire as can be seen in below photos anywhere in Malaysia as our TNB has used much more latest technology to provide power and electricity to the consumer. The contractor in Malaysia would be fine heavily if they left the construction site open to public without proper hoarding just like the above photo. It was in the middle of the city, thus, it may danger the public if seen wandering nearby construction area from falling object maybe.

Another place that I took them during Sunday was a decent shopping mall in Clifton, Park Tower. The mall has quite a number of locals designer such as in below photo. Finest quality silk and embroidery may be found in the shop. Among my favorite shop is Khaadi, the materials, the cutting, the household items, in fact almost everything in the shop are to my liking. Heard that they will be opening their 1st outlet in Pavilion in December 2013. Looking forward to attend.

Another favorite place of mine is the highest quality furniture shop sit adjacent to the "Tin Talwa" @ 3 sword. I purchased and brought back quite a number of satisfactory pieces from their shop, including the 3 seater that my sister and my brother sat in below photo. How I wish they will bring over their products to Malaysia.

Second visit to the Sadaar Market with them before duties called. In Sadaar, you may find many more locals product like cheap printed cottons material, decorative marble and wood for house deco, khat, furniture etc. In fact you may find almost everything that you may required in this market.

In Empress Market (below photo), my sister bought nuts and fruits where she formed her own opinion about the unique locals market which are not available in Malaysia. 

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