Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ticket no. 178, Kajang Imigration Department

I must say that I'm very satisfied with the services given by Kajang Immigration staffs during my dealing with them yesterday, 30th March 2013, though I was very late to reach their counter. It was close to 10.30am and I was told that they have issued out all 150 numbers for those who waited since early morning, before 8.00am when their counter open. However, there's 1 lady officer who was kind enough to entertain and gave me a ticket number 178. She informed that they have asked those who came late to go back but I guess it was my lucky number as she understood my sense of urgency. This entry is specially dedicated to those officer who sat at Counter No. 3, my way of thanking them. 

I've been postponing a visit to Immigration counter for more than 4 months to replace my manual passport that was given by Malaysian Immigration in Delhi due to my urgency to go to Karachi in the month of November last year. On Friday, the office issued an air ticket for my meeting with the solicitor in Singapore on Monday, 1st April 2013. I was not sure whether the Immigration shall stop and questioned if I furnished them my manual passport which cannot be use at the auto gate. Thus, I forced myself to get it done first by taking a new passport photo done on Friday evening, after work.

Hubby was advising that the immigration counter might close on the last Saturday of the month and asked me to check. I woke up very late that morning, 8.33am as we went out for midnight show of GI Joe and the movie ended at 2am on Saturday morning. At around 9.30am, the Immigration Department in Putrajaya confirmed that Kajang branch is open on Saturday and Sunday, thus we rushed to the place. Normally, people starts their ques as early as 7am. The above photo reflected the time, 10.44am when the ticket was issued to me.

With their efficiency, I made payment at 12.09 noon and the passport was issued slightly before they closed the office at 12.30noon. On 30th March 2013, they served all 178 clients despite their limit of 150. 2 thumbs up to all the Immigration staff at Kajang branch for their commitment, dedication and excellent service to satisfy us all.

The wait (less than 2 hours) to get the passport was worthy. Hubby has no complaint as we have a pleasant late breakfast while waiting for the number to be called. I had fun taking my own photos while playing Candy Crush on my I-phone. Kindly have patience with me for sharing many shots taken on that day. Hubby told me that it was embarrassing. Who cares? Life is good dear!

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