Friday, March 8, 2013

Singapore, 2010 family trip

Travelling date: 6th June 2010

We were invited by aunt on husband side to a wedding on 6th June 2010 in Singapore. Since it was a school holiday, we took everyone along for 4 days 3 nights stay at our closest family friend, brother Amin. Everything has been set and the travel was by road taking my new Honda Civic. We did not even booked a hotel as brother Amin was kindly enough to accommodate us in his comfy penthouse apartment. Below photo was when we were entering Johor Bharu (JB) immigration point. It was a smooth checked at both JB and Singapore check point.

At Singapore immigration point, we purchased a toll card suffice for our 3 days stay. The toll system in Singapore is more advance than Malaysia where the toll shall be charged through detection system planted on specific toll road. In that way, space, manpower and other operating expenses is greatly saved. Our next task was to search a meeting point where brother Amin was waiting. He later took us to the wedding house. Though all the guest had already left by the time  we arrived, we were yet exclusively entertained by everyone.  

Just to witnessed the wedding ceremony day in their mother's bedroom in below photo. After dinner we left the aunt's family.

Thereafter, brother Amin took us for a special supper at his favorite spot not far from his house. Over the years and no written notes, I lost all information of the eating places that we went during our trip. Nevertheless, there's plenty of area that you may opt to go for nice food everywhere in Singapore.

The kids enjoy the Singapore trip so much and they all promised brother Amin to return again in the near future. We managed to cover few places (if not all). Among others are the Singapore Zoo, Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam district, Sentosa Island, shopping at the Vivo mall and other places of attraction which will be on my next entries.

On second day, Brother Amin had taken us to the Zoo and shopping cum sightseeing at Sultan Mosque and third day to Sentosa Island and more shopping. Our family is greatly indebted to Brother Amin for their kindness being a great tour guide, prepared more than sufficient foods that we can take and the endured patience to entertain the kids (at their best and worst behavior) during our stay. Below photo are interiors of his beautiful apartment. Few months after we left, Brother Amin had sold it and shifted to a new place of which we yet to visit. 

I've known Brother Amin and his wife that we friendly called "Kak Nonie" including the other family members of theirs in Singapore since young age . He became my brother's Shabri good friend for more than 30 years. The family even attended my wedding, thus, when we were just got pregnant to Syahirah, in late 1991, we visited them house for the first time. At that time, Kak Nonie's mother was still alive.

Let's cherish our friendship!

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