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Singapore, Sentosa Island - Part 1

Event date: 8th June 2010

Kak Nonie had prepared breakfast at home, it was like celebrating eid when looking at the foods spread on the table that she prepared. She was overly excited with our visit after many years and we are indebted to her kindness. The plan for our 3rd day before headed back the next morning was having fun in Sentosa Island and shopping. Brother Amin said that we could park at the bus station near Vivo City shopping mall and take the bus to reach Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Express

Bus que at Vivo City bus station

Sentosa is a popular island resort, visited by some five million people a year. Attractions include a 2 km  long sheltered beach, Fort Siloso, 2 golf courses, 2 five star hotels and the Resort World Sentosa, featuring the theme park Universal Studios Singapore. Sentosa Island once known as "Pulau Belakang Mati & Dead Back Island" before it was changed to "Pulau Panjang @ Long Island" in 1870. The first name was not having a good fengshui, being a swampy and once a killing field. 

While waiting for the bus

The island was renamed Sentosa in 1972, which means peace and tranquility by suggestion received from public. The Sentosa Development Corporation was formed and incorporated on 1st September 1972 to oversee the island development. Ever since, about S$420 million of private capital and S$500 million of Singapore government funds have been invested to develop the island to it's present state.

The causeway bridge was opened in 1992 connecting Sentosa to the main island. In 1974, the Singapore cable car system was built, linking Sentosa to Mount Faber. A series of attractions were subsequently opened for visitors including Fort Siloso, Surrender Chamber wax museum, Musical Fountain and the Underworld World. 

The Sentosa Monorail system was opened in 1982 to transport visitors across seven stations located around western half of the island. On 16 March 2005, the monorail service was discontinued to make way for the new Sentosa Express, which commenced operations on 15 January 2007. An environmental assessment conducted by the government of Singapore concluded that the construction of the resorts on Sentosa would to result in high likelihood of high scale biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, soil erosion and climate change, as well as several other destructive ecological impacts.

Syhirah said "Scarry ma scarry!!!"

In 2009, construction of a new foot bridge began. The S$70 million Sentosa Boardwalk includes themed garden, shops and eateries. There are covered walkways and travellators along the boardwalk for rainy days. The boardwalk, was officially on 29 January 2011, provide visitors with an alternative mode of travel to reach the island.

Excited for second ride

The main reason why we should return is because not 100% Sentosa Island was open at the time of our visit in 2010. Coupled with raining day when we were there, the children's did not really satisfied with what they experienced inside the Universal Studios Singapore. What they truly enjoyed was only the cable car ride up to the top and coming down with that cute little ride shared in the photos. I hope that 1 day they would be able to see and read this with their children. We, adult waited for them to finish while having a snacks and drinks.

Friendship is meant for keep :)

Wait for my next entry for more photos and adventures in Sentosa Island - Part 2. In the meantime, a photo of me and the adorable fish. Stay tune guys. Thanks for reading my blog. Peace!

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