Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rosnani my sister

I'm coming from a large family. There are 10 of us (sibling) and 1 stepsister altogether. My late mother married my late father when she was 16 years old. They had 5 sons and 5 daughters together. When both of them passed away in 2002, we met our stepsister. I'm no. 6 and my sister is no. 4. She's 50 years old when her husband died of cancer in January 2013. When I received the news of her husband death, I was too scared to go back. Scared of being reminded of the pain that I had when my late mother, father, sister Nuraida (no. 8) and eldest brother Mohd Nawi funerals. That was the truth which I never told anyone. Perhaps my best friend (my sister Roshayati, no. 7) would have guessed, but she never asked. Thank sis. My lovely sister, Rosnani is in below photo. 

On Friday, 1st March 2013, I took the opportunity to be with her on special ceremony offering 40th day prayer for her late husband.  It was our ritual for the dead after the 7 days mourning and praying period. I wish to enlighten for those who doesn't know (since Jewish and Muslim are brothers), of Jews observance @ laws of mourning. Similar to Muslim  Jewish funeral will this takes place within 24-hours of death (or if that period overlaps with Shabbat, 48hours) and the body is buried in the ground in a coffin. Cremation is explicitly forbidden for people of the book, including the gentiles. Relatives shall mourn within a seven-day "Shiva" which is where the mourners (the deceased's close family) open up their home to receive well-wishers bringing food and condolences. Jewish has a saying Kaddish, a prayer hallowing God and for mourning the loss of the deceased. Learning Mishnas (Jewish Holy Quran) for the merit of the deceased so that some good can come from the loss of life.

My sister eldest daughter has given birth to a baby boy on 18th day of my brother in-law mourning period. They named him Imran Rasyidin. My niece went back to be with her mother during confinement period of 60 days. My sister and my niece had arranged Imran's aqiqah on the same day. Above photo was my brother Shabri holding on to Imran during "salawat" time. Imran slept throughout the salawat time and did not even uttered any words. Such a fine and nice baby. 

My sister has been blessed with 8 children,  4 girls and 4 boys. Below are the girls with a married 1 (in pink blouse). The girls are very (rather extremely) close with 1 another. During any family gathering, the married 1 will usually forget her husband whereabouts  I always enjoy looking at them 4 from a very long time. As for the boys, the eldest is in Sarawak (married with 2 kids), Ahmad also married with 1 boy and another 2 is yet to be married. Therefore, my sister had all 4 grandsons so far. I pray life will treat her well and she will find happiness with her children and grandchildren.

I'm sharing in this blog3 photos of my 17th grandchildren, Imran Rasyidin at his 21st day. The shirt was given by his aunt's. I have complaint to the girls that pink does not suited Imran but all said it was for a boy.

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