Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Train Ride 2013 - Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan

On Thursday night, 28th February 2013 hubby and I took a train to Kelantan to attend Imran's aqigah ceremony at my sister house in Jeli. My sister had also invited people for offering special prayer for her late husband 40 days after funeral, a normal ritual in Malay Islamic culture and tradition as a way to remember the dead beside reciting Al-Quran and remember them in our prayer. The train departed from Kajang station at 9pm and scheduled to arrive at 8.45am at Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan.

We purchased through on call (ticket to collect 48 hours before departure), a 1st class ticket which had an exclusive cabin for 2, upper and lower berth (fare was RM103/pax). A thick blanket and 2 pillows were provided beside 2 mineral water, 2 snacks and 2 mini soap. Washing basin, 1 chair, TV, fan and a place for luggage are provided inside the cabin (ours was cabin no. 6, car W1). We can switch off the lights inside the cabin unlike other ticket classes.

Hubby has been informed by a ticket cashier that the food served at the canteen is good (in his imagination was an equal to a decent hotel restaurant). To his disappointment  only selected menu are made available in the train, including instant noodle. Despite, we still had a fun ride. That night, our sleep was not really peaceful with a cold AC and a blowing fan. 

The next morning, after freshened up, we went for morning coffee. They had cooked and nicely packed a fried noodle and fried egg. It was not bad after all. As the seat was fully occupied, we had to share a table with En. Kamaruddin, aged 72 who was a regular commuter from KL Sentral - Kuala Krai. 3 of us became an instant friend within 2 minutes. We talked many issues, from work to personal matter and end up exchanging phone number. Hope to stay in touch with En. Kamaruddin again in future.

The canteen assistant in below photo is a fun and easy going guy. I was so happy that I managed to snap a funny memory of him with my Iphoneography.  I hope I will recall his story whenever I open and read this journal again in the future, without writing it down here.

Seeing of how friendly we both are, another canteen assistant sat and chit-chatting with us until almost at the end of our journey (we get down at Tanah Merah station). I started with asking how he managed to work in a moving train. He enlightened us with his story, working 2 consecutive days followed by 2 full rest before repeating the same duty since the last 14 years in the same train. 

We were more alert on a return day, to get on coach W4, seat no. 13 and 15 upper berth of the 2nd class (fare was RM47/pax). As it was Sunday, the train was full. We left Wakaf Bharu station in time (7pm) and arrived in Kajang station as scheduled (7.30pm).

Below photo was a view from upper berth, sunset at Kg. Lemal, Pasir Mas.

And below photo was a sunrise at Bangi area on arrival time the following day.

I wish to thank hubby for suggesting and immediately booking this memorable trip with me. He was on KTMB train during young age, till he was 12, whilst my 1st train ride in Malaysia was when I had to go for OBS training in Lumut in 1994. 

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