Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shabri my brother

I'm the 6th and my brother Shabri is the 5th in our family, a year different in age. My late mother was unsure of my birth date though she remembered it was in August 1966. My late father was working in neighboring state at that time (Terengganu) and couldn't come home to register my birth certificate. Thus, he registered mine as 2nd January 1967 (5 months later). When I was young, I hate everything about me, my name, my birth date, my skin etc etc. I like August month better than January, so, I've chosen long ago to declare on my own that I was given birth on 16th August 1966 following my brother's birth date. My brother was born on 16th August 1965. Everyone knew how stubborn I was (am).

The house, he constructed himself

My brother and I used to be very close until time and distance became a barrier. Most of our sibling who resides outside Kelantan rarely go back after our late parents passed away. The distance became greater, but we made an effort to meet in all special occasions. My sister in-law (Shabri's wife) is an excellent cook. She likes to cook for us whenever we went back to our late parents house in Bachok. So, it was the same on 2nd March - 3rd March 2013. I took numerous photos at their courtyard, planted with vegetables and other stuff beside their livestock (cattle's and sheep's).


6 months old lamb with their mother

Over the time, I saw greater improvements with my brother's working yard. The last I went back, he only had 2 cattle's  but now he has 4 big 1. A mother cow has just given birth to a 2 months calf and unbelievable he turns out so big. 

Beside the cattle, the evening I arrived I saw that they had put up a nice cage for the sheeps. My sister in law was telling me how she persuaded my brother to buy her 3 sheep in May last year. Now, they have 5 as 1 has given birth to 2 lambs. That evening, while waiting for dinner, my nephew and nieces shouted with joy that 1 of the female sheep was giving birth 1 after another until they have 3 lambs overnight. Their excitement and joy on their family faces are priceless.

My brother used to continue working as construction supervisor with my sister and my husband until he decided to retire few years back. 2 years ago, there is a Chinese man who came and encouraged them to take up farming seriously. The guy (they called him towkey) has provided the basic necessities for them to start with. I opined that the Chinese man is a saint, who helped not for money but for his personal satisfaction  I personally met this saint, once, in 2011. May this guy being granted a place in heaven. Amen.

Cucumber flower

Berries for their home made jam

Last but not least, I wish to record for my children so that they will remember to respect and repay the kindness that my brother had given me when I was in Technical School in 1983/84. As he dropout from school when he was about to enter a secondary school (at his own choice and adamant), my brother was working as a construction labor in Singapore. He sent me money, posted under my name regularly. The excitement when I changed the postal order at the post office can still be felt after 30 years. My brother loves me unconditionally. Please remember that, my daughter and my sons. He loves me and he never stop loving me. Therefore, loves and cherish your time with your sibling too.

The above photos are my brother youngest daughter and her niece and nephew @ my brother's grandchildren. He has altogether 3 grandchildren as only 2 of them was married. My brother had 6 childrens, 4 girls and 2 boys.

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