Thursday, March 7, 2013

Siti Khadijah Market, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

A must visit place whenever any Kelantanese went back to their home town is to shop at Siti Khadijah Market in Kota Bharu. Rest assured that the place is always crowded, extremely crowded during festival time. We, Kelantanese had difficulties driving within Kota Bharu city or any parts of Kelantan small towns during eid, school holidays or other festive season. Everywhere will be crowds of people, who are not only Kelantanese but outsiders tourist and people from other state of Malaysia. Who to be blame? Of course ourselves as most of us are married people outside Kelantan. For example, my husband is from Pahang, my eldest sister also married to Pahang guy and another brother in-law are from Malacca and Perak.

On my last trip, I saw a quite impressive development as there are 2 flyover and overpasses open for traffic in Kota Bharu town. The traffic was not bad as it was not festival season during the period I was there. So, I took my niece, Fazira to shop at Siti Khadijah Market. 

My favourite "etak salai", only found in Kelantan river

Siti Khadijah Market (Pasar besar Siti Khadijah), as its name implies, is a local wet market being named after Prophet Muhammad's wife, whom is known for her entrepreneurial skill, as this market is mostly run by women. Apart from the usual fresh goodies like seafood, vegetables and wide variety of fruits, you can also find ready to eat food like 'ayam percik', nasi ulam and a variety of noodle soups, all unique in flavors and taste of Kelantan, serves freshly for you. Not forgotten the famous taste the local desserts like 'kuih muih'. Kindly visit the webpage, for further information and direction of Siti Khadijah market.

Ketupat Palas

Nasi tumpamg for breakfast

Chicken feet salad good for osteoporosis

Varieties of kueh-mueh

I shopped for 1 piece sampin for my son and few other things. There are varieties of choices 1 can made at the 2nd floor from the famous Kelantan silk to house coat. Check it out in below photos.

Kelantan famous handmade silk

Kelantan latest design of Sampin

Kelantanese lady at her shop, 2nd floor of Siti Khadijah market

Wide selection of tudung

Women's prayer cloth

Last but not least to share with are the photos that I took at the fruits corner. As it was way passed noon time, only few seller was still operating, and I found these 2 Kelantanese men who willing to pose for me while my husband was busy choosing the fruits. These are my favorite shot. The guy in the 1st photo is really creative with his advertisement board placed in between the fruits. I chuckled to my self while taking photos reading those (only Kelantanese would understand the meaning). The guy in black singlet warned his friend not to open his mouth when I took his photo as the man has no tooth left.

I hereby welcome those who wishes to witness and visit my hometown, Kelantan known as "Serambi Mekah" at any time as I assured that you wont be regretting your times and money spent. It's all worth it.

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