Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Naim on National Service

On 31st March 2013, Naim is officially off to undertake his role by taking part in Malaysia National Services known at "Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara" @ PLKN Gopeng, Perak State. He was pleaded for more than a month so that we, as his parent did something for him to be excused including enrolling him into the college. We both are playing adamant role. With no choice in hand, I send him to the register tent and get inside the bus no. BKW 2904 to take him to to Gopeng camp.

He was sad and confused whether or not the challenge is for him but the father told him to take this chance to build a six packs muscle given all facilities and opportunities to do so under a strict training programme. 3 months are a nightmare to my beloved boy who never understand a hardship, including studies. We pray that he will take the training seriously and as big lesson to become mature and responsible man. He did not even take the form that PLKN sent via registered post, however, since his name is listed they allowed him to participate. I was extremely relieved when I snapped the below photo at the registration tent.

Mostly all other trainee had their forms ready for the PLKN officer's to check the completeness of the documents during registration day like the girl who que in front of Naim. Naim has to complete his documentation in Gopeng. It was though good and promising as the trainee is given a 4 days off on 1st till 4th May 2013 with parents authorization and/or official request letter. I guess I would be seeing him after a month with the short hair and muscular toughness, hope so. 

The photo below is to record the sad day for him but the happy day for me and his father, at 10.20am on Sunday morning, 31st March 2013.

Umi, his girlfriend was also there to give him moral support though both of us shed a tears after seeing him going to the bus. Umi will go next year for 6 months as from next year onward, the Government has impose a compulsory services to all students who finished their SPM examination. Naim is considered still lucky as his turn is the last year for a 3 months training.

It was not bad as Naim had 1 of his close friend, Abe to be with him on the same camp. They both seems so cheerful to be on the trip and I'm sure they will get miserable together for unable to smoke in the camp. Smoking is definitely prohibited. 

This was the last photo of them (Naim & Abe) before the bus finally moving at 10.30am. I had my fun day by celebrating soon after that, at the hair saloon and later in the afternoon at the massage parlour with my sister. While on the massage, he called with a sad voice but the line was so bad that I had to call him later the night when I was home. He sounded miserable by complaining that everything is dirty including the food. Sigh. Maybe, he should have understood by now why I keep on pestering him to clean his room and wash the toilet. We gave him our moral support and pray that he survives all challenges as part of a growing cycle. Amen.

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