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Jaipur - Choki Dhani, Rajasthan

Duration of Stay: 1st - 3rd July 2009

A very close friend of mine had recommended and booked an accommodation for my stay in Choki Dhani ethnic 5 star resort village seated in a magical land of Rajasthan for 2 nights. In 2011, I have recommended for another friend of mine to put up the same stay during his family vacationing in Jaipur.  He thanked me. I would hereby recommending to all to try a Rajasthani ethnic living in a mud-house with modern facilities and cultural show just within your compound which in my opinion is an experience for life. Rest assured that their hospitality is something that you shall truly cherish and remember. The resort is located on the Tonk Road Highway, Jaipur, Rajasthan State of India.

I arrived in Choki Dhani at past midnight after landed in Delhi at afternoon time on 1st July 2009 from Karachi (I took a direct flight to Delhi from Lahore Airport via Pakistan Airline). We drove about 277km from Delhi to Jaipur via India National Highway, NH8, a portion which were built by our associated company. We had to pass few towns, Gurgaon, Dharuhera, Behror, Shahpura, Dand, Amer to reach Jaipur and had to drive an extra kilometers away to reach Choki Dhani. On the 3rd day, we travelled about the same distance to Agra following national road, NH11 and back to Delhi of another distance (in KM) from Agra. For those who wants to experience an adventure on the road, should follow my route. You will not be disappointed.

The mud house for guest (mine was similar type)

When I woke-up the next morning, immediately after breakfast we left the resort to finish my must visit list in Jaipur. We make sure to get back by evening time to enjoy the Chokhi Dhani village seated next to resort. There are many entertainment (local ethnic culture performance that you may enjoy with your love 1). Very few photos of the shows are shared in this entry which shall be deliberate in separate notes. 

The Chokhi Dhani five start resort and the theme village was founded in 1989 spread over within 22 acres of land and has evolved as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jaipur and continues to be one of the major players in the hospitality industry across India. The same concept theme/resort are also open in Chennai (Tamil Nadu State) and Pune (Maharashtra State).

Kund, a sunken swimming pool to relax and sunbath 

There is a shopping arcade at the theme village for those who wishes to get a Rajasthani local products for souvenirs. Besides, other facilities, foods and drinks and toilets are well provided. Entrance is free for resort residence but others must pay After the shows

Mandani & Sajjan Goth, business center

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur has altogether 59 cottages, 33 royal cottages, 8 Haveli suites, 4 Conferences Halls, Ethnic and Multicuisine Restaurants, Outdoor Barbeque, Sheesha Lounge, Chandi Mahal Bar, 
Rhunjhun, a Discotheque cum Bar, Kesariya - The Sansha Spa - all in Rajasthani village culture.

View of the bathroom facilities

View of the villa hut that I occupied for 2 nights.

The theme village is spread over on a 10 acres of beautifully landscaped area for a rustic Rajasthani look, furnished with stage and platforms where different folk artists perform concurrently. A village fair is created every evening as an ongoing celebration of the rich & vibrant cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Some of the activities and/or that are found here are live dance, music performances by local folk artists, magic show, puppet show, acrobatics on bamboo, astrology and a tour through an artificial forest.

Dancing with the snake

Snake trumpet performance

Traditional dance with Rajasthani musical instruments

A beautiful talented girls

Another dance performance of different stage

After being satisfied with what the village performances and others hows, we enjoy a peaceful night at an open bar. It was not as lively as weekend can be as I was there during working days, thus, the ambiance, the weather and the peace truly worthwhile for my vacation. Below photo was a marriage hall at night time.

It was raining the next morning on my departure date from Chokhi Dhani. So, after a lazy breakfast, I went to explore and snapped many photos of the Chokhi Dhani five star resort. Everything was having a fresh taste and air after a heavy rain washing away it's dust. I was lucky to be able chasing a peacock that I found walking freely in the courtyard, shared in the 2 below photos.

The gate from Chokhi Dhani resort to the village theme area, only open in the evening

At the resort lobby, everything is Rajasthani decor

Last but not least, I wish to share the link of Chokhi Dhani resort should you guys feeling like having the same experience as mine, "Chokhi dani website". You may book online for your own conveniences.

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