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Karachi - Eidhul Adha 2009

Date: 29th November 2009

It's time to write about a friend that I've been introduced to during a Malaysia Independence Day in August 2009 in Karachi, Dilla Abdullah. She became someone very2 special till present, we laughed and we lean on each other during those special times and remain in friendship till now. She is a friend for life. I hope she will always keep that in mind that I will never never forsake our friendship with anything else in this world as I love her.

Our children spending their last visit to Karachi in Nov-Dec 2009

29th December 2009 was an eidhul adha @ known as "Bakra day" in Karachi. During my 3 year stay in Karachi, our family celebrates all 3 Eidhul Adha in Karachi as it happen to fall in the last month of the year. It was our 3rd and last Eid in Karachi but our 1st with Dilla's family. A night before, we had gathered at another Malaysian friend house, Siow who built a golf course in Sea View. It was always a great pleasure spending times with all the Malaysian especially when you are abroad. We are friends till now.

In this photo, Latep, Shah, Lien, Chong, Jinny & Bay, 

We gathered at the consulate office right before Eid prayer with our own food that share among ourselves. The consulate normally arrange for a Muslim Malaysian who wishes to participate in offering sacrificial @ qurbani during the Feast of the Sacrifice after the morning ceremony was over. The slaughter was normally performed by the Madrasa students (also Malaysian) and thereafter the meat shall be distributed.

The Malaysian abroad are very close with 1 another and they will catch up stories during the occasion like this. Seen in below photo, my hubby and Juwita's hubby.

Rizal, the consulate general secretary who spent nearly 5 years in Karachi. He is the main coordinator for our Malaysian Karachi club and all activities, a real friendly guy indeed. I snapped his photo in between my best friend, Dilla and Hubby, also name Rizal.

While waiting for the meat, we went back to pack for our 3 days 2 nights vacation with Dilla's family. Our destination is to Dream World, a golf course and water theme park within outskirt of Karachi city. Syahirah with Zara Balqis, Dilla's eldest daughter when she was still a small baby.

Everybody now ready to leave with happy faces and happy hearts, being away from the dust and the smells of over populated city of 18 million people.

On arrival at Dream World and while waiting for to collect our room keys, the boys posted this kind of pose. It was a pleasant afternoon when we arrived where the sun is about to set. The place is located at about one and a half hour drive from Karachi city.

Dilla and Zara 3.5 years back. How time flies.

Breath taking scenery from our room's corridor. It was early winter season, so being outside at that time is still bearable.

Resting for a while before dinner.

Waiting for a food. So much laughter on the dining table that night. How I miss those happy days with the kids.

Yes, here a special photo of me and my BFF.

Our children with her husband, Rizal. We are family, yeah, we are.

Dream World had 3 restaurant in the complex.Our dinner and lunch the next day was over there, a beautiful place that has a nice ambiance and viewing concept. The food is also excellent.

To be continued....
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