Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hasanah in KL Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

My sister Noraini with her grand daughter, Hasanah

I have mentioned about my little grand niece, Hasanah who followed us back to KL after we spent eid at her grandmother @ my sister house in Kuantan. She was overly excited thinking that she too can "balik kampung" (going home to village) like her close cousin, Qaseh. They are both at the same age. While on the road, they spoke on the phone where she immediately notified Qaseh that she was on her way to balik kampung. Sadly that Qaseh was on her way back to Kuantan after spending eid in Kuala Selangor with her grandparents on her father side. But rest assured, that this little girl has a fun short stay with us in KL.

There's height limit to all the equipment

Asking what she wanted to do the following day, i.e. on 4th day of eid, she said that she wanted to go to the play ground and of course I must wanted to buy her a Barbie Doll dress as promised. Remarks: I did not remember promising her the dress as I said very clearly a Barbie doll. She makes it up as she rather has a dress than the doll. This girl is very clever, indeed. Then I suggested a roller coaster ride inside the Berjaya Time Square. It is an indoor theme park, quite similar (in a smaller scale) of the theme park that we visited in Lotte World, Seoul, Korea in 2011. I'm sharing with you the website of Berjaya Times Square Themepark in here so that you will over view of the facilities offered at the huge mall, located in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Munirah and Syahirah are Hasanah's mother cousin

When she wakes up the next morning, the first question that she asked was what time shall we go to the playground. Then, I gently reminded her the plan for today, started of with breakfast at the nearby Mc Donald (3 minutes walk from our house) and after everyone are ready we shall be heading straight to the Theme Park. Thus, she quickly get Syahirah to get ready for breakfast. 3 of them, Syahirah, my sister and Hasanah had a fun breakfast in Mc Donald.

Hasanah favourite ride

My another sister came from Kajang shortly after. She and her daughter, Munirah tag along. Being a grand niece of us, she address Syahirah as Mak Long and Munirah as Mak Su Munirah. It was cute to see them together in the picture shared in this entry. On arriving at the theme park, Hasanah was determined to enjoy the park (which was beyond her imagination) before having lunch. Hence, we asked Nazhif, Syahirah and Munirah to accompany her by getting a good deal family entrance ticket of RM106 (only for Malaysian with Identity Card. You may check the rest of the ticket fee at the Theme website). I passed my phone to Nazhif so that I can have photos to share in my blog.

Ready to take off on the flying ship

Space ship ride

As for the 3 sisters, we went ahead for coffee which we ended sharing a pasta and pizza at the restaurant on the Lower Ground Floor of Berjaya Time Square. After about almost 1 hour, we called and was told that they shall finish in another 30 minutes. Thereafter, we went for window shopping. I'm a bit surprised that many outlet in the mall had various selection of clothing from Korea and China at a much affordable price. No wonder teenagers love to come here. I would definitely love to shop in the future, e.g. the cardigans price are about RM50, it's too damn cheap.

Nazhif, the driver and the tour guide for the day

They did not comes out on the level 7 as promised, so we had to hang out and waited for more than 1 hour when finally she decided to quit. The first thing she asked was when are going to buy the Barbie Doll Dress? Hence, we went to Level 5 as many kid's outlet are located. She saw a Hello Kitty shop and decided to enter. Despite of her original wishes for the Barbie Doll, changed to barbie Doll dress, what she grabbed that day was a Hello Kitty sling bag, 1 for her and another 1 of for Qaseh.

Bumper car ride

After all are satisfied, we had a Korean late lunch which also charged at an affordable price. Our family had a fun loving day with Hasanah during eid. We hope there's many more visits and sleep over by Hasanah at our place.

Hasanah, most cheerful and fun girl

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