Friday, April 5, 2013

Hong Kong - Disneyland, Part 2

Tour date: 11th December 2006

My girl with the sleeping beauty castle at the back in below photo. I couldn't upload another photo of her with Snow White due to blurry image. Pity her as the boys voted her out for exploration inside the castle as they were more keen to take adventurous ride.

They compromise for a small ride at Cinderella Carousel. Again, there was a long ques for the entry.

Passionately waited for the ride to go through.

All four of them inside the swirling cup at the Mad Hatter.

More shopping at Disney outlets for family and friends back home.

Nasrul used to be a huge fan of Buzz Light year. Though the Toy Story land was recently fully completed, there was already a small section for us to see the advertisement of the Toy Story land. The kids enjoyed the Toy Story movie till they all turn into teenage years.

This is the Future Land section. We had an amazing roller coaster ride inside without any photos of us.

A highlight of the night was a beautiful show, Disney in the Stars, a nightly fireworks show based on Fantasy in the Sky at other Disney parks. Fireworks and pyrotechnics are coordinated to orchestrated classic Disney musics such as "A whole new World" (where everybody singing together). The same show was first premiered on 12 September 2005 at the park's inaugural ceremony. I'm sharing some of the photos taken during the awesome show.

We needed to rush back to catch the bus that took us back to the hotel. The tour agent had specifically reminded again and again the time of bus pick-up so that we wont miss our bus. A way out was packed and too crowded with other people dashing out at the same time.

I hope one day, my children will bring my grandchildren to Hong Kong Disneyland and pray that I would be able to witness the event. Maybe, someday :)

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