Saturday, April 6, 2013

Karachi Sea View - Schamil & the boys meeting place

Event date: 28th July 2009

It was lucky that the photos that I'm sharing in this entry are safely stored in the MacBook, not in the damaged hard disk to enable me recording herewith the date and the place Schamil was introduced and met the boys for the first time. It was on Tuesday afternoon of 28th July 2009, after work and after school time, we met at Karachi Sea View park.

Maznah, Schamil's mother and Ainnie are my best friends back there in Karachi. We became inseparable after meeting few times. Schamil's mother already warned the boys to ignore Schamil, that way, Schamil would be curious for them to greet him. Hence, that's what the boys did. Totally ignored and did not even looked into his direction.

After having enough time at the park which is facing an Arabian Sea, we went to our favourite restaurant, BBQ Tonight one of the most famous restaurant in Karachi. It is located in Clifton with a view of the ocean and now the magnificent Benazir Bhutto's huge park, recently open in 2012. For the record, 3 of them yet to speak and play with each other.

While waiting for the food to arrived, we, mothers, take pictures of ourselves first. We, 3 loves posing for the camera.

Out of sudden, while we were busy posing for the camera, Schamil had shifted sitting next to Nasrul. He's offering the boys his toys to play with.

This is part of the story of Nasrul & Naim with Schamil and my story with the girls, Maznah and Ainie. May our friendship lasted for a lifetime. 

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