Monday, April 29, 2013

Visiting Naim

On arrival at the Gopeng National Service camp, click Naim on National Service, Naim immediately called me. He sounded so down and complaint almost about everything asking me to take him home. It was a hell, he said, as what we, his parent expected he would say. Naim never left home before except to be on vacation with his buddy, Johan. It was his first time away from us all, so, it was expected of him to have series of complaints. Honestly (sorry Naim), we both were smiling after we given him words of encouragement and assured him that it wont take long for him to be there. It will be for a longer term should he postponed and decided to join at a later year. 

He called again the following Friday @ on his 1st week asking us to visit him on Sunday. I gave him an assurance that I will talk to his father. He further requested that we bring along all his siblings. Hubby was not agreeable to visit on the first week, it was too soon. He said he may consider on the 2nd week. He called again and again until we committed that we shall visit on a week after. I sincerely miss him.

Tower Clock to comrade 1957 Independence Day from the British

A car ride to Gopeng on Saturday morning was very pleasant. It was a cloudy weather though there's no rain. We stopped at Sungai Buloh rest area for lunch and headed straight using a North South Highway to reach Gopeng. We passed Bidor town where I took the above tower clock photo built in 1957. Looks likely that there's many places I should explore within North and East Malaysia.

As soon as we entered the gate, the guard was a bit reluctant to let us passed. We were told that Sunday is a visiting day, not Saturday. We have expected that answer as we were on the phone with Naim who has called more than 10 times that day. Given an excuse to deliver his thing that was left out, the guard finally allowed us in. When we made a turn at the lakeside in above photo, it was hilarious to see Naim's new look. He has new look, "nerdy" as he surrounded with his big group seen behind Syahirah.

The PLKN administrator has allowed us 30 minutes to be with Naim at the canteen cum hall of event for PLKN trainer. We had an opportunity to get to know some of Naim's new colleague. Naim asked us all not to laugh at him. I mean, well, of course we had to laugh seeing his new looks. His stylish hair has gone and I'm sure the school discipline teacher would be very pleased to see him now.

For some reason, both Syahirah and Nazhif are escape from National Sevice call. They are very lucky indeed. By the way, Naim said that there's a count down number "69" at the hall for motivation. He was saying that 3 months will gone by very fast. How he made us proud.

As for our family, 2 has escaped but 2 will perform their duty as Malaysian citizen and youth for National Service. It will be 3 months program for Naim but 6 months for Nasrul. In the car, Nasrul said there's no way anybody can force him to enter as he will run away from home when his time come. We shall see if he succeed in his attempt or will he survive without his IMac.

Before we parting for the day, few of Naim's friend came to see us off and helping Naim with lots of food including a bucket of KFC as requested by him. He promise to share his food with his dorm mate of 24 pax. We asked 1 of them to take our family photo.  

Lastly, before turning home, I walked a little bit to take 3 photos below so that Naim would remember his camp in Gopeng for long. Hopefully 1 day, he may be able to share his experience with his children's. Yesterday, he called saying that he will be back for 5 days off as given by PLKN officials. It will be the first and the last break of his 3 months stay in Gopeng camp. My son sounded so happy and confidence that melt my heart. The best part was when he told me that he is confident that he can quit smoking and promise to perform 5 times obligatory daily prayer as a Muslim. 

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