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On a road to Shimla

Tour date: 17th December 2011

On 17th December 2011, we left quite early in the morning after a tasty home made breakfast by Arun, the onion Dosai. All 3 of them enjoys Arun cooking so much, it was their first time tasting Arun's food and their first time in Delhi. The rented car and the driver was already arrived at the IJM's guest house when we get down for breakfast. Before we started the journey, I took a memorable photo with all the right and left hand man of the house.

From left, Ram, Arun, hubby, Nasrul, Naim, the driver, Baphu and my brother, Vikas

Guided with an India map that I possessed and recommended places of interest, we made numerous stops at Haryana State (in Panipat and Kurukshetra), Punjab State (Chandigarh) and a breath taking scenery of hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Delhi is seated in Union Territories. There are 7 union territories in India and 28 states within the country with a population of over 1.2 billion people.

It takes few hundred miles to see the mountanous valley
Before we stop for lunch, I wish to record the journey by sharing few photos that I took on the street from a distance, which I treasured very much. It's my view of India and it is up to you to form your opinion.

In a small town of Panipat, this are common transportation 

To give and to take, you need to compromise in a small narrow 2 lane road

A place of worship who attracts millions of people in Kurukshetra. It's every one's duty to show good example for picking up the rubbish rather, throwing every where 

In winter season, you will tend to get hungry easily. We stop by the road side to buy foods and snacks.

By the time we passed Haryana State and Punjab State, we stop at a restaurant nearby the petrol station for lunch. Kindly take note that every time another state bearing different territory plate number is crossing within India state, a toll (at certain charges rate) must be paid, else the vehicle and the driver will get to pay the fine. There's no such thing in Malaysia, no toll is chargeable while crossing from 1 state to another.

The journey after lunch was smooth and pleasant. We travelled along National Highways, NH-1 from Delhi up to Ambala, in Haryana State and we took a NH-22 all the way to Himachal Pradesh passing Chandigarh in Punjab State. NH-22 is a straight highways to Tibet/China border by road. We took a state road on a hilly slopes to Bilaspur for our next destination to Kullu and Manali.

After passing so many hill station, it was quite dark when we reached Shimla town. The driver did not noticed that he made a left turn instead of a right turn after a heavy traffic in Shimla. It was very far behind when we realised the mistake and we were too tiring to complaint and turned back. Thus, we proceeded and looked for a night to stay, instead. 

A view of 1 of the Hill Station

At a heavy traffic of Shimla's junction, where we missed a turning to Shimla.

To be continued....

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