Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Boys and the Dogs in Manali

When we arrived in Manali, late afternoon of 18th December and was on our way looking for Grand Hyatt Hotel, we found a street dog by the road side, near to the bridge. We stopped for photos when the boys started to hush hush a friendly dog from far a far distance.

Everybody in our family is animal lovers, especially my husband and Naim. When Naim was still a small child, he forced us to buy him pet after pet. We bought him aquarium when he wanted to have fish tank in the house, a pair of rabbit and the cage that we named Tottie and Coco after an Italian footballer, love birds etc etc. After a while, he abandon all his pets and my husband had to take care of them, given them foods and clean their cage/aquarium.

This dog has a quite thick fur, maybe due to a cold weather. We pray that he has a place to hide when the weather gets colder and the nights come.

The next morning, after breakfast while waiting for the driver to warm-up the engine, the boys again was playing with a dog, no, it was a puppy that was lingering on the hotel compound.

The black puppy is even friendlier than the one that they found yesterday. He even tried to touch Nasrul's feet. It was so cute moment to capture.

The puppy in below photo was found next to another hotel not far from the temple that we visited in Manali town.

We guessed the puppy's mother is the one in below photo.

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