Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hong Kong - City Tour, Part 2

Tour date: 11th December 2006

After we finished with the sightseeing at the Victoria Peak, the tour bus took us to 1 of the famous temple, Kwum Yam Shrine in Hong Kong, seated next to beautiful beaches. On a foot walk from the bus parking area, the tour agent had pointed up to Jackie Chan's house right on top of the hill. Thus, I took hubby and the kids using Jackie Chan's house as a background for memento. The cliff of Qian Shui Wan is where a bunch of rich and famous people built an exclusive hideouts for themselves, including Jackie Chan. But I believe, it must be 1 of the house from many of Jackie Chan's property collection.

The Repulse Bay beach is properly kept and well maintained to appreciate the rich neighbourhood. It has a nice children's playground and becoming 1 of tourist major attraction.

The Taoist shrine of Kwum Yam is located just after the children's park at the south eastern end of Repulse Bay of Hong Kong Island. Mostly people came here offering their prayer, whilst, tourist like us just took the opportunity to take photos within a beautiful shrine.

Statues of Kwum Yam

We were told by the tour guide that a touch to Cai Shin (God of prosperity) tummy shall bring good luck and wealth, so, while hubby was entertaining him, we pushed Nasrul up to the Camel stone sculpture. He was very pleased.

Adjacent to the camel statue and next to Kwum Yam statue is a huge statue of Tin Hau. Tin Hau is the English transliteration based on the common Cantonese name of Mazu, 1 of the goddess and/or deities in Taoism belief. 

Tin Hau big statue
Just a left out photo from the 1st entry of taking a ride from the boat for cruising at the Victoria Harbour.

We were so frustrated when the bus made a final stop at the gemstone factor cum exhibition centre to attract tourist buying. Though we complaint as we will be left with so little time to enjoy Disneyland, the tour agent just shut deaf his ear. This was the last trip that we book our tour through any tour agent. Till date, what we did was booking an air ticket and hotels through online and arranged the transport upon our arrival.

Every movement with  a large group were slowing us down.  Each rides for the bus to finally take us to the Disneyland seems to be a nightmare.

As you can see by the way we were crossing a sea tunnel to Disneyland it was already close to 5pm. Sigh.

To be continued... 
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