Saturday, April 13, 2013

An Evening in Manali Town, Himachal Pradesh

Day 1: 18th December 2011

It was still lights when we arrived in Manali, so there's plentiful of times looking for a decent hotel. When we checked with The Holiday Inn, we were told that no room was not available as there's a group who had taken a large quantity of booking that night. We were then heading back to the town to look for other place to stay when we saw a nice spot at the bridge on the way to a populus town.

The scenery of the snow capped mountain was definitely rare to us who are coming from a hot weather country like Malaysia. Here's are few record photos at the bridge which were awesome. I hope you may agree with my opinion (about the view, of course).

We hang around a little linger just to take break being inside the car for too long. There's no sign that their fresh air is being polluted somehow. This part of the town was not so crowded with tourist as shops and markets located on the other side of the town, where we opted to stay.

As soon as we checked in at Piccadilly Hotel, we headed straight to the nearby market. It was 1/10 of Chatuchak market in Bangkok but you can see many outlet's being operated by the local Tibetan, who might have fled from Lhasa. For information, Lhasa and Manali is not that far in distance.

2 locals (Tibetan origin) operating their corner.

There's plenty more shops behind the mall

Another pose from hubby.

I was wearing a new glove that I purchased from the Tibetan ladies. Though inside, the weather is still very2 cold

A bit warmer inside the restaurant, allowing me to put out the long jacket, ready for dinner

Local Brown Trout for me, cooked in local style, awesome taste!

Hubby's favourite meal when in India

To be continued...
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