Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pune to Delhi, 16th December 2011

Today 6th April 2013, when I look back I have successfully completed more than 130 entries so far, something that I thought was very difficult to achieve. It is my hope that by June 2013 I will manage to clear all my travelogue entries. For today onwards, I wish to write about my family visit to India during a school vacation in December 2011. At that time, I was attached with the Pune-Solapur Expressway project.

At the Pune Airport to catch a Spice Jet flight to Delhi

Nazhif was having his SPM examination and Syahirah was on her 2nd semester final exam at the time of visit, thus, both couldn't make. Only hubby, Naim and Nasrul came via Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai. I went to Mumbai to fetched them and had to cancel few days vacation in Mumbai as the driver from Pune doesn't really know the Mumbai Road. We had to cancelled the trip and travelled straight to Daund, vide Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It was about 4 hours journey on the road. We made a stop at the rest area where the kids started to enjoy cheese pizza in India. To their surprise, the toilet facilities is quite decent.

Having Marathi's food on 14th December 2011

At the shopping mall on 14th December 2011

Hubby always wishes to travel up to Kashmir (from India side) as Malaysian were told not to go via Pakistan. In fact, my family never travelled to North Pakistan though we were there for 3 years. After much discussion, we finally agreed that we should travel to Delhi-Jaipur-Agra, hence, we need to take domestic flight from Pune to Delhi and get our Delhi friends to arrange a van for the travel on earth ground.

Stop for a view that we wont be able to see in Malaysia, on 16th December 2011

Upon arrival, my Delhi friends convinced hubby to change plan to Himachal Pradesh as playing snow at Kulu and Manali are much better choices than Agra or Jaipur. It was  a perfect decision where the boys, especially still having a bless and bliss feeling for the opportunity. We travelled altogether about 1,310km up and down.

Lunch with our Delhi friend on 20th December 2011

The next entries will be our travel as far as to Manali during a cold December winter.

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