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Hong Kong, the arrival & the departure - 2006

Tour date: 10th till 12th December 2006

We landed in Hong Kong International Airport slightly before noon on 10th December where we parted with the rest of our China tour group, except that Aileen (in below photo) and her mother, who also chose to extend 3 days 2 nights stay in Hong Kong on our own. With a great change in weather, from minus degree to average 21 degrees, the kids had stated that Hong Kong is a much better place than China, more likeable.

The chartered bus took us to our designated hotel in Kowloon. Along the road, I snapped below photo from the bus. It was quite hazy in Hong Kong City at that time, but the view is still pleasant to see, by comparison it is closer to Singapore city view.

Not to waste time, everybody were excited and get ready as quickly as they can to explore rows of streets within Kowloon area. The boys choices of place are the sport shops, whilst, we the 2 girls had to tag along until we rather enjoyed our self shopping at the night market. The night market is really lively and we got the opportunity to choose a wide variety of things, including the boots.

Hong Kong has undergone many era since ancient time or best known as pre-colonial time, British Colonial time, Japanese invasion era, Cold war era and the surrender of Hong Kong Republic to Mainland China in July 1997. On 1 July 1997 the transfer of sovereignty from United Kingdom to the PRC occurred, officially ending 156 years of British colonial rule in Hong Kong.  

Hong Kong is now under China's first special administrative region. After the take over, Hong Kong suffered an economic double blow from the Asian financial crisis and the H5N1 avian influenza and again gravely affected by SARS epidemic in 2003. WHO reported that over 1700 over was infected and close to 300 death toll was recorded resulting lost of millions of Hong Kong dollars contracts. In 2009 Hong Kong hosted the 5th East Asian Games, being the first and largest international multi-sport event ever held in the territory. Today, Hong Kong continues to serve as an important global financial centre, but faces uncertainty over its future due to the growing mainland China economy and its relationship with the China Central Government government in areas such as democratic reform.

We fully make use of the first day to shop as we have no time to do so on the second day with a packed itinerary, 1st half for City Tour and the 2nd half of the day to Hong Kong Disneyland. Hubby was not that happy as he miss a lot of his shopping list, thus, early morning of our departure, 12th June 2006, he took a train to his shopping destiny. The rest of us just stay back at the hotel, packed the luggage and get out on nearby street looking for foods. 

On the way to the airport, the coach stopped at Disneyland Hotel to pick up the passenger (also from Malaysia). Nazhif took the opportunity for picture.

Happy man in below photo who get most of the things that he wanted from the Hong Kong trip. The China trip was my kind of place to go but this man (my husband), does not like hunting for ancient city, temples or going to historic places. Marriage requires a lot of compromise, understanding, supports and giving space to one another. We found that in each other. 

The children have rated that Cathay Pacific is the best airline in the world. I agree. If times and places of interest for our next family vacation permits, we shall again book to fly with Cathay Pacific. Their service is actually as good as taking Emirates airline, maybe closer to Malaysia Airlines (I hope I'm not biased). 

When we arrived in KLIA International Airport, we had to wait few minutes before my brother came to fect us. Our luggage justify the period of our travels to 2 countries, China and Hong Kong. We left the house on 3rd December 2006 and we returned home on 12th December 2006. Six months later, in May 2007, my career has greatly change and along the way, I choose to change my perception and expectations. 

Stay on line to read my next entries, 2 on our City Tour and 2 more in Disneyland.

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