Thursday, April 25, 2013

Malaysian Fruits

Yesterday, 22nd April 2013 was my wedding anniversary. My husband and I have already been married for 22 years now. How time has fly. We did not, precisely take a big deal of the wedding anniversary day from the beginning. Maybe because our married life begins with hectic starts. We were conceived with Syahirah right after the wedding and throughout the first 6 years were busied with all the 4 kids. Hence, we never really celebrate even yesterday. Instead, we merely reminded each other what if we both may still had an opportunity to celebrate for the next 22 years, which makes it 44? The past 22 years rather a long destiny for us thus far, so, if we could make it together for another 22, it would be truly a bless. With that statement and understanding we look into each other's eye deep enough to feel our love.  

Sour Soup

Custard Apple

Alright, now let's get back to what I wanted to write today, it's about fruits, not the famous Durian and Rambutan but only half of the Malaysian fruits that we found available at Tapah rest area, seated along North South Highway. We stopped there for prayer after we visited Naim in Gopeng, Perak on 13th April 2013. 

Dragon Fruits

Over the years, the Tapah rest area and mostly all the rest areas along North South highway has been refurbished to a very satisfactory levels by the Concessionaire, PLUS Highway. Indeed, I was so impressed with the changes. The fruits seller used to have adjacent small areas for their fruit stall of the complex. Now, after refurbishment, proper stalls inside the plaza are provided for them.

This is the famous fruit, Pomelo from Tambun where it was commercially plant in a large quantity. Perak is well known for it's Tambun Pomelo. I remembered my trip to Ipoh for factory visit during my Smart Tunnel project many years ago, where we stopped by the roadside to buy Pomelo. As soon as the car gives a signal to stop, the pretty ladies automatically come out standing at each of the shops row. We called them Miss Pomelo. Miss Pomelo main duty is to attract peoples to stop at their shop, thus, you can imagine how pretty and sexy they were expected to dress. 

Sweet Pomelo

The fruit photos shared in this entry came from a different stalls seated along the dedicated areas inside the plaza. We noticed them on our search for the washroom and prayer hall. Allow me to share my opinions that the toilet too is in a much better condition equipped with proper maintenance. All facilities provided suffice to receive as many as the toll road users. There are many workers in their white uniform to maintain the facilities. Kindly take note that the fruits available in this entry are not represent all Malaysian fruit, it's only half of it. Our famous Durian, Rambutan, Mangoes teen etc are not here.

Crunchy green guava best eaten with sour plum

There are few stalls selling green and yellow mangoes. I thought it was imported species from Thailand. To my surprise, the stall assistant informed me that it was a local species from Bidor, Perak. From the smells, I sense that it was not that sweet. Yeah, Pakistan and Indian mangoes are now more to my liking. So, I passed them.

The red guava seen from below photo is called as "Jambu Air" in Malaysia and Indonesia. Siamese (Thailand) called called chomphu, whilst Taiwanese named them bellfruit. In English this jambu air is known as java apple @ wax apple and/or love apple. This was what we bought that day.

The most famous 1, red guava @ java apple
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