Thursday, March 13, 2014

Siow Yoon Chin's farewell from Karachi land

A memoir with Maznah and Schamil continue trough out the years though the boys had said their farewell with Schamil on 26th December 2009. Their last flight took off on 27th December 2009. As I was alone in Karachi after I officially obtain my demobilization letter, my visit to Maznah's and Fikri  residence becoming more regular. On 6th February 2010, we went to Mohatta Palace taking numerous shot in a lovely cool Karachi weather. A week later I was reporting for my new duty in IJM Headquarters.

As part of my obligation with the Karachi office, I still made a regular trip back to attend important matters. On 25th April 2010, I happened to be in Karachi when it was time for our dearest friend, Siow Yoon Chin farewell dinner at China Town Restaurant. Ah Bay was in-charge to order the farewell menu. It was an excellent choices as we were all enjoying the dinner and the company of the golfers group.

Siow was in Karachi constructing the famous golf course development years before my arrival. I still remember the first time I was at his place in July 2008 having diner where he succeeded training his chef to cook a pure Malaysian dishes. What they had on the dinner table was heaven. I was teasing Siow that the food at his place can actually made me hang out regularly as there's no other restaurant offering a Malaysian like his place. Admittedly, all the groups in this entry made quite numerous hang outs at Siow's place in Defence for diner and karaoke. We were indeed very close.

By May 2010, Siow finally bid his farewell, leaving the land full of excuses, bliss and sorrows behind his past. We remain in a friendship till present day. I revisit China Town often after Siow's left. Ah Bay had introduced me to a steam boat menu during 1 of the diner that I arranged with him and my boss. I became addicted to the steam boat. Last year, I took Hidia to the place and had written about China Town's steam boat in June 2013. Hidia too get addicted to it. 

The photo of Fikri, Latif & Siow, captured by Maznah on 9th December 2012

Siow, Fikri, Latif, Lien, Shah and I are still in good contact though we have return and get busied in Malaysia. On 15th December 2012, Maznah has invited us to her place. She cooked a lot though she just got recovered from her second chemo. Siow, Latif & my family were there at their new house. She was cheerful having had her renovation completed. How I miss her presence till but then again, life has to move on. What stays are nothing but sweet memories. Siow's word of wisdom was "Nothing is permanent in this world. Cherish lives and people around. That's how I should remember Maznah. 
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