Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A day in Sunway Lagoon with Schamil

Maznah and family demobilised from Karachi in early November 2010. As soon as they have settled down, they paid us a visit. We took them for diner in Kajang, famous for it's satay. In December 2010, we arranged a special trip to Sunway Lagoon as we came to know that Schamil has never been there before. For those who wants to know further the attractions offered at the theme park, may do so by checking the "Sunway Lagoon website". Beside the attractions available at 1 of the famous theme park in Petaling Jaya, you may checked the rates, the promotion, online booking etc.

Maznah's palm for free Sunway Lagoon advertisement, while waiting for Schamil to make his first move getting inside the huge. All of us patiently waited for him while he calmly played his game boy

Schamil used to be extremely shy boy, not willing to look people in the eye nor he willing to conversant fluently. The only person who understand his needs was only his mother. Being the only 1 in the family of 3, a mother, a father and a son, I guessed he was just refused to grow up. I understands that very well as Nasrul was a typical case for me. Nevertheless, Schamil and Nasrul just clicks well. His reaction towards Sunway Lagoon theme park was a bit weirdo. He refused to enter after we passed the gate, hence, we're had to wait for him change his mind.

2 photos showing how passionate she was with Schamil trying to get him into the swimming suit

She packed for the wet area because the children wanted Schamil to have more water experiences

Sunway Lagoon has 3 separate entertainment area, the wet, the dry and the adventures. It is worth to spend whole day at the park by taking a ticket for all areas. Everything is provided inside the theme park, i.e. the food outlets, toilets at every corner, surau (prayer hall) etc. You do not have to worry searching for things that you're looking for as there are sufficient signages and proper direction guided you in a rather huge park, meant for the whole family.

I have a lot to envy Maznah till her funeral day though she was never ever had any jealousy in her. She had a lot of good spirits and attitudes which I have not seen that kind of quality in others, including myself before. That quality in her that made me so envious of her as I wanted so much to match her rank, being accepted by many and seems to be special in God's eye the day He took her to be with Him. She was the most sincere persons on earth. She treated me fairly and sincerely, allowed me to be myself when I was with her, no pretending, no jealousy, not a spot of any evil thoughts crossed in her mind. Her death has changed me a lot. I made a vow today my dearest friend that I will spend the remaining of my life to be like what you are to others. 

It seems like ages before Schamil finally willing to change his clothes to join Nasrul and Naim in the water. The way he played that day was worthy, paid our patience and endlessly waiting. It was a shallow water fountain suited for a small kids for a start.  

Later, we were so amazed that he wanted to follow Naim and Nasrul to play in a deeper beach pools. At first, Maznah was just showing her that the pool was meant for big boys like the 2 abang (brothers). He decided to join in and the mother who was so overly protective of his son, cant help but guarding from the near disctance. I was teasing her as I knew if possible she wanted to be in the pool with his son. How I love the girlish act in her sometimes, a biggest fan of Lady Gaga, who can imitate the way Lady Gaga dance. 

I saw the joy in her face that day when Schamil was finally enjoyed spending his time in the water with Naim and Nasrul. It was reflected in her face (below photo) when we had late lunch at Chilli's restaurant at the Sunway resort city attached to the theme park.

For those who wish to visit Malaysia, the Sunway Lagoon theme park is the place that you shouldn't miss. There's a lot to explore and I assured you that children at all age including parents including people of old age would appreciate the happiness of others who visited the place. This is 1 of the place that you may want to visit with your beloved people.

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