Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Diner in Fujiyama Restaurant, Avari Hotel, Karachi

We were quite close, the 3 of us, Maznah, Ainnie and myself, as immediate as ever when we first received proper introduction resulting me invited them for birthday dinner on 18th August 2009. It was Naim's 14th birthday and my birthday, a join celebration. We chose a dinner at Fujiyama, a Japanese Restaurant located in the top of 17th storey Avari Towers Karachi. A month earlier, the boys were introduced followed with "Dinner at BBQ Tonite". It was written on 6th April 2013. Maznah read it too. Another entry that really touches her heart is this 1, saying farewell to Schamil.

Nasrul was 12 and Schamil was in craze with Thomas
Both Ainnie and Maznah were a full time house wife. They love cooking for their hubby hence, 3 of us (Naim, Nasrul & me) would hang out at their place regularly for a tasty home cook meal. We usually gather over the weekend for movie night beside a weekly shopping event in Sunday Bazaar that Maznah called "Sunday Boutique".

All photos in this entry are shared from Ainnie's Facebook. It was a great thought of her that night to capture and to share our beautiful moments together. Ainnie has a cute tiny baby, Saera who grown up so fast and so big right in front of our eyes. Saera is 5 now, a very lucky girl for a great parent like Ainnie's and Shah Shahizan. Both of them adored and loves her unconditionally. Ainnie and Maznah used to be inseparable pair. They have many activities laid out together being a dedicated moms to their beloved children, the one and only in fact.

The foods serve in Fujiyama fine dining are worthy for money. Everything taste japanese, of what we, the 3 girls love so much. There are many others Japanese restaurants in Karachi beside in Avari Hotel. I used to treat friends in Sheraton Japanese which was not bad at all. Dilla took me to her regular in DHA, which is also acceptable though a bit pricey. Importantly, fine dining are plentiful in Karachi. Maznah and I love heels and wedges so much. That night we were posing everywhere showing off our wedges. 

Having each other in a place where you are not allowed to walk in the street safely and the house that you stay has a high fencing all over as if you were staying in a cave was certainly needed. We had an endless topics to talk about. We were sharing tips about perfumes, fashions, foods and many others. Maznah has given me lots of make-up tips being a stewardess where she has to make sure she looks pretty all the time. Whilst, Ainnie so much tips on the kitchen that I will definitely will start as soon as our new house is ready. I might be posting foods cook in my new kitchen in the near future. We shall see about it soon.

As for now, my memory with the girls shall remain forever. It's been 3 weeks today since Maznah's funeral. I'm healing this way, remembering her in my prayer and smiles everyday when I get to see a beautiful lunch pack prepared by Ainnie for Saera in her Instagram. It made 3 of us so close yet we are indeed far away from each other. Maznah is in a place where no one's know (I saw her smiles whenever I thought of her, it means she is okay) and Ainnie is in Colombo.

How Naim's look at 14th year old

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