Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rest in Peace my friend (a tribute to beloved BFF, Maznah)

On Sunday, 16th February 2014 I saw a missed call from my friend Ruzida, Maznah's neighbour at around 3.30pm. My phone was on silent mode as I was having a class that day in Law Faculty, University Malaysia. As soon as my phone was switched on at 4pm Ruzida called again in a teary voice advising me that my best friend for life, Maznah has just passed away at around 3pm. I was speechless for a while and sat in silence, unable to move after she hang up. After I calmed down I made an immediate phone call so that everybody at home can get ready as soon as they can. I wanted to see her lovely face before her funeral.

My FB's cover photo on 30th Nov 2010
I was not fated to see her that day though it was only 2 and a half hours from the time I knew about her death @ 4pm to 6.30pm, the time when her carriage departed from her house in Shah Alam to her final resting place in Kedah. We arrived 30 minutes late. It was truly sad even but I was just in time to see Schamil, her son to join the rest with his cousins. Ruzida has helped a lot that day and from her shared story I realised that the Almighty has decided for my beloved friend to join Him, taking away her pain from her miserable body. She was suffering from Leukimia or blood cancer since August 2012. It was her final stage and recovery has a slim chance. She was in and out from the hospitals undergone chemoteraphy but she leave in peace, a real blessed day, environment and speedy funeral arrangement monitored by the angels.

FB's cover photo on 25th March 2012
We saw each other, or rather greeted from a distance while shopping at Sunday Bazaar in Karachi way back in 2008. When she quit her job as a Malaysia Airline stewardess and shifted to be with her husband, Fikri in 2009 in Karachi, we have been properly introduced. We became inseparable thereafter. There's no words could I describe how special was our friendship. Instead, I have dedicated an entry in my blog for her and a few other important girl friends that are all my BFF, a friend that I wish to grow old with, "Friendship poet by Kahlil Gibran". It was written on 27th September 2013 thinking that she was alright after the transplant. She did look alright from her regular posting on her Facebook. It was a relapsed and God has finally removed all her pain from her misery body. 

FB's cover photo on 18th May 2012
For this month, I will recall our happy days by recording down all the beautiful stories, events that we had shared during our friendship in my blog. All 4 photos in this entry are the photo of us that became my Facebook profile photo from 2010 till 2012. She was my special friends, very close to my heart and she knew she had that special spot during her life in this world. Untill then, I wish you my lovely friend a peaceful journey as I have a deep faith that God is looking after you. We shall 1 day be reunited, my friend.

FB's cover photo on 6th Sept 2012

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