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Nasrul 12th @ Last Birthday in Karachi

December 2009 remark our 3rd and final year of residency in Karachi, the city of lights. It was the 3rd year Nasul was celebrating his birthday in the city. The first year, 2007 his birthday was celebrated in a small party at Papa John, Clifton where all our family gathered with only 2 invited guess, uncle Chow and uncle Fadzil from IJM. Both uncles were our housemate in a bungalow plot in Khayaban-e-Hilal, Defence Housing. The 2nd birthday was at the Platinum Residency apartment celebrated with many Malaysian family. We have bigger circles of friend in the second year, hence, the pizza party year in 2008.

The painting, The Apple Boy, The cat & The Goody bags by Maznah
Dilla has offered her place to held our Nasrul 12th years old party, as co-incidentally it was their 2nd wedding anniversary, both falls on 25th December. Her place can accommodate all fellow Malaysian, close to 80 peoples. We were set with the venue and duties distribution. Dilla's mother-in-law who happened to be there in Karachi on visit volunteer to help in the cooking. It was pure Malaysian dishes, soup, hot and spicy sambal ikan bills with other stuffs.  

Maznah with Rizal's mother, Dilla's mother in law
The preparation was like a preparation for an eidhul fitri. Daim, our driver was teasing Nasrul that it was not a birthday party, rather, a wedding party for Nasrul. We ordered the tent, chairs and tables, plates etc from the rental party agency. Julia's daughter were helping with house decoration together with us and Dilla. The christmas tree was decorated a day earlier, all sponsored by beloved Dilla. In fact Nasrul had 2 christmas tree that year, 1 was being place at the food corner (visible in below photo) and another 1 was set near the presents inside the house.

The theme - Red Christmas
A lot of our guests came in red to theme-up with the family. It was on Sunday, hubby could not miss his last few trips to Sunday Bazaar. Hence, he insisted to search for our red attire and accessories though he supposed to help with the busy scheduled.

Nazhif was practicing or tuning to Birthday song in his guitar
The whole preparation went smoothly. When our guests arrived, the foods, the decorations, the games, the presents for those involved in the games were all perfectly set-up. What was a little bit late in delivery was our dearest Lien Chee Kun, who had offered to bring over his special recipe of chicken BBQ. While waiting for his arrival, we started the lamb BBQ first.

Princess Saera looking awesome with her mother, Ainnie
In below photo was Tahir in-charge of attending to the guests need. We were thankful that Tahir (Dilla's house assistant) was there to help that day and night and to clean up the mess the next day. It was hubby in the red shirt serving the guest.

Without further due, the children had immediately started with the games supervised by the grown-up teenage girls. Julia's daughter, Nabila and Nadiah were God sent angels who helped a lot to make sure the party went well successfully. We were greatly indebted to all friends kindness and generosity.

Last but not least, Nasrul birthday's cake below was sponsored by uncle Fikri, Maznah's husband. I was almost in tears seeing my boy's joy and happiness that night. It's priceless to celebrate his 12th birthday and at the same saying his farewell to all his friend before departing for good back to Malaysia. 

Someone just get so jealous… 2 years apart, Naim & Nasrul
We have a photo of uncle Lien Chee Kun, below, was seemingly very busied that night with his finger licking good BBQ chicken wings, the best taste in town. Remarks: I must make sure to ask him for the recipe 1 more time one of these days. Lien, Siow, Ah Bay, Latif, Fikri and Shah were golf mates. When they met, they will talk none other than golf topics. 

We have uncle Fikri and Schamil photo's below. The boys were busy watching the girls had their turns on games. For the record, the prices for the night event was equally shared among all the family, winner or losers.

We captured a moment when Maznah won her first prize. My gorgeous, kind hearted best friend, you shall always remain in our memory. That is my promise to you.

1 of the moment of her blissful moment
Before Nasrul was due to open his birthday presents, well arranged nearby the Christmas tree, we move inside the house for another "mind blowing games". You may see how serious they were in below photo checking their card, thinking and waiting patiently to win. But at the end of the day, everybody was very happy as they went back home not empty handed. 

I'm very lucky that I still have another best friend, Dilla holding on Zara, in below photo. At this point of time, Nasrul was convinced by his mother that he and Zara would be married 1 day. I was hopeful. Poor my baby boy. Last year, Zara and Nasrul was reunited in Nasrul's 16th birthday as what was recorded in Reunion Birthday in Jakarta-2014. A lot of thing happen after 4 years. Zara talks non-stop but Nasrul becoming a quite teenager, speechless to see how Zara has grown into a big girl. We hope there will be another Nasrul+Zara birthday celebration in the years to come.

This was the end of the night, leaving my boy a very special day and night, overwhelmed with himself being 12, turning 13. He received too much toys that night including, his favorite,  the helicopter that got lost in the sky the first day he was playing it. We wanted to thank again all our friends who helped and who came to celebrate Nasrul's great birthday party. Thank you and thank you again.

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