Saturday, June 15, 2013

Steamboat in China Town, Karachi

Diner date: 11th June 2013

China Town is not a place but the name of my favourite restaurant located in Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. The dish that I like most in this restaurant is the steamboat coupled with the times that I spent and cherish with the most important people of my life, my friends. The tip to come here is you must know how to make the order and the easiest way is getting an assistance from the "Chinese Madame". The Chinese Madame was telling me once that the restaurant was established there more than 40 years ago, brought from a main land of China. It was 1 of the restaurant chain link world wide.

I was in Karachi for work from 10th till 13th June 2013 which turned out very fruitful and meaningful to me and the company. In addition to that, we had a mini celebration with the Consul General of Karachi and his lovely wife, Hidia, who like me also enjoying the steamboat of below photo. It was an unusual heaty and spicy soup, but, we love it endlessly.

While waiting for the soup to be heat up, we had our favourite dish, ox tongue, another spicy dish which, in my opinion is worth trying.

Hidia and I love to dip the meat (we called it medium rare, medium or well done to suit your taste) and other sea foods of our selection in the soup of which tasted like heaven in our mouth. 1 of the most important rule is to enjoy the meal slowly to let the spicy taste cool down. Easily you need 2 hours talking and enjoying the food lavishly. No need to hurry, just take your time and enjoying your meal.

We ordered the second plate of ox tongue but was wrongly brought with a plate of another ox internal organ. It is recommended to exchange with a clear chicken soup for those who could not stand the spice and/or remove the floating chilli's while boiling.

You may review the comments received in wiki travel and the direction to the restaurant by clicking "". The land mark is not far from the late Benazir Bhutto's house. It was Mr 40% president Berlin's wall built of which many was hoping that it will be tear down once the man step down from the throne this year. At the entrance you may find this friendly parrot greeting you before the doorman.

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