Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Schamil's 4 year old Birthday in Karachi

Birthday was a big thing when we were in Karachi. Those occasions were used as a reason for Malaysian to gather, beside shopping spree in Sunday Bazaar. It was a big birthday party, well planned by Maznah for Schamil's 4th birthday, all by herself. The party was held on 22nd October 2009 at their residence in Karachi city. 

Happiness overloads
Maznah was indeed a creative person. She had an extraordinary passion in arts. The gift party pack in below photo was solely prepared by her. It was Schamil's printed foot and palm, mixed up with other arts for the invited guests to choose. Having those talents well displayed during the party, it became her starting point for her boutique business in handling birthday party. I had a memoir of it when she helped Naim finishes painting a vase. I took it home all the way by air plane, though the vase is cheap but her paint is priceless.

When I arrived at her place that day, I found Ainnie and her family has already there helping in the kitchen whilst, Julia's daughters were helping with the decor. The girls were in charge of the games party. When Nasrul birthday was due 2 months later, the same people who helped Maznah were doing the same for Nasrul. 

Ainnie's family
Rafiq, Maznah house helper, seen in below photo was very fond and very helpful in assisting Maznah in her daily routine chores. That day was even special. For some reasons, Maznah has done the cooking all by herself. Rafiq was a big help to make sure all is ready before the guests arrival. He worked as hard as Maznah ensuring everything was perfect.

Ginny Lim and I in below photo. Ginny, a full time housewife cum a mother of 3 and Maznah were very close as their husband played golf together. Ginny never grown up till now though her kids are entering their teenage age. After Karachi, their family moved to Vietnam and now they residing temporary in Hong Kong. Ginny's husband is attached with shipping company, OOCL.

Another family that we always hang out with in Karachi is Dilla's family. Zara and her father, Rizal are seen in below photo before the party started. I have written a lot about them in separate entries. Rest assured that this family will grow old with my family. We will have many years together, I pray and hope that we remember each other deeply in our prayer.

The Malaysian children in Karachi gathered for Schamil's birthday playing musical chair as part of the games prepared by Julia's daughter, Nabila. Schamil doesn't know what was going on nor how to play, thus, he insisted to share the chair with Nasrul that he sometimes called "Adik", "Abang" and Nasrul. They were very close, this 2 boys. 

It was the most cheerful night for Schamil crowded with friends and beloved parent in Kurtha suit, clearly drawn and reflected in his radiant face. He sweat the whole night playing too much. Maznah, there's no way Schamil would forget your unconditional love, your kisses, your hugs, your bonding and feeding times, your adoringly stares when he sleeps at night etc. You may rest in peace my dear as this boy is in a safe hand, being showers of another unconditional love by his grandmother, your mother in law. She will look after both Schamil and Fikri as good as you were. Your mother in law was the 1 who taught you how to cook the best soup and the best sambal belacan in the world. And... you have shown enough love for her too like you did for us all.

Our beloved Maznah, not only kind and sincere in her friendships with her girl friends (ALL included, not only limited to myself, Ainnie or Ginny) but she's been a favorite aunt to the kids no matter what age they were. Her friendly smile which never leave her face when greeted someone is something you would want to remember how she was in hereafter. Her sincerity was clearly shown in her eyes, I mean, only God knows how sincere they were to me.

A group photo of Shamil and his invited guest before the party was announced as over.

It was not over as most children stays back to witness Schamil's ceremony opening all birthday gift that he received that night. Everybody would see the satisfaction on Maznah face watching over Schamil expression "I'm in the moon", unable to decide which 1 that he wanted to open first. It was unbelievable kind of face when his mother assured him that all the toys was his.

Julia, Ginny and my family among the last who left them that night. Schamil was still playing and playing till drop when it was time we said our good night. Hope there will be a reunion birthday party with Schamil someday.   

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