Monday, March 24, 2014

Lunch with the Girls in Mid Valley

In one of my home passage leave from India, i.e. in May 2012, the 3 of us plan to meet up for lunch. It was on 7th of May 2012, we had a reunion indulging our favorite food, a Japanese lunch in Mid Valley. Ainnie came with Saera, Maznah with Schamil and I took Syahirah & Nazhif along. We had our shopping done in a the Garden Mall, an annexed building to the Mid Valley.

We stand tall, the 3 of us
We were so excited to see each other again after almost 2 years. The first thing that we did was our vogue pose as always. The lunch that day was longer than usual, to catch up with lots of stories. Maznah and Ainni were excited sharing their current daily affairs. It was a bliss that both of them were settled down in KL after a tormenting period in Karachi city. Nothing beats your home, of course.

Another angle for the posers
Not forgotten, my dearest will always takes my handbag and her face lit up sincerely. Both of our faces in fact as we have nothing to hide from. It was a sincere happiness and honest friendship. 

She was in love with my new handbag
The 2 boys shifted to another table after their meals. The 4 of us continuing chatting as if there's no tomorrow. For the record, lunch that day was our last lunch when she was in a healthy state, no cancer, no leukimia without restrictions of food.

Rare occasion where Nazhif agreed to tag along
Last photo of that day is shared below. This will be my second last entry of Maznah, before sharing her fighting with leukimia. I will move on with stories of peoples that touches me personally whenever times permit. Next month I will be continuing with my train journey to other part of the world. I would like to bring my memories of Maznah along as I will be traveling with another 3 important ladies in my life. Counting days for next week, i.e next month's programme. I may be sharing the itinerary before the trip. Let us see how. 

Maznah, me, Syahirah and Ainnie after the meal

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