Monday, January 27, 2014

Nasrul's 16th Birthday in Jakarta

Admittedly Nasrul has been spoiled with too much showers of love beside an overly expressed attention. It was shown wholeheartedly in the way we celebrated his birthday all these years. For his 16th birthday bash, we, rather I have planned to reunite with Dilla's family as a remembrance to his best birthday party in Islamabad in 2009 with them at their place. Coincidentally, Nasrul's birthday falls on the same date with Dilla's and Rizal wedding anniversary. Hence, it is more meaningful for both of our families to celebrate 25th December together.

Rainbow cake for the 16th Birthday

Though he loves birthday party, Nasrul dislikes attention and affection. I have informed him earlier on that the itinerary will includes the party with the girls. He said okay but reminded me not to overdo it  as he wishes to have a simple and quiet birthday party, being 16th. We did not informed the girls (Zuri & Zara) about it but we bought the cake following clue from the girls mother. The cake makes a lot of different as never ever before we purchased a rainbow cake, even on a normal day.

Instead of giving him present, we bought bracelets from Accessorize for the girls
What was missing was the girls father. After Nasrul has blown the candles, the candle was light up again for Zara to blew but she was too shy to do it (maybe because she understand that it was not her birthday) but her brother was more than happily to do it on her behalf. Can you feel the loves on the table that night?

So much drama on the table which makes the cakes tasted even sweeter
Being 16th marked a great important milestone to us, the parent. Husband was always wondering when Nasrul would decide to really grow up as an adolescence rather being our apple boy. He finally chose to be 1 after entering his 15th years of age. To our surprised he chose to occupy a room alone after spending 15 years sharing our bed. He even hang out with his group of friends and they even have a sleep over at his and at their place. My boy is finally a teenager. 

Received a 16th birthday kisses from the father

I was hopeful that they (means, Dilla's children and our children) would remain the same friendship in many more years to come. The same wishes that I had for them and Schamil. Because you need to nourish a friendship, the one worth to be protected should you want to spend time with them in a good and bad times, forever.

Pool party the day before the night party was held

As the birthday was celebrated on 23rd December 2013, we had a nice family dinner on 25th December 2013 at BSC (Bangsar Shopping Complex). The dinner took place in his favorite restaurant, Chillis.

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