Monday, July 29, 2013

Kelantanese dessert for Iftar

Event date: 26th July 2013

I had my fun snapping photos at Bazaar Ramadhan as soon as my sister and I landed in Kota Bharu on 26th July 2013. Our original plan was to have iftar at the city. Since we could not decided what kind of food and/or which restaurant to go, we followed our brother suggestion, Shabri to break our fast at his house. His wife was cooking Nasi Kerabu on that day. It was around 6pm when we reached the bazaar in Kota Bharu and right before iftar, we reached his place.

We bought many desserts that day. Among what we seen and some of our purchased are shared in below photos. Hope you may get some ideas of what the Kelantanese desserts are for iftar. I will name the food in a local dialogue for easy reference and some fun listening to the dialect.

Beledo Sate

Sirro Pise

Bungo Tanjung

Jala Mah


Puding custard


Beledo Timun China

Sekayo (seri maku) & kueh bakar

Sirro labu

Beledo meroh beledo ijja

Tuppat sutong

Sausage ilir angry bird...hahaha

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