Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Northern Karnataka 2012 - Photographer eyes

I ended my travelogue to the group monuments of Hampi, Pattadakal, Badavi Caves Temple and Aihole Temples by sharing some of details from my photographic view and angle that would be memorable and meaningful. Such beauties are for sharing. Enjoy!
Lotus Mahal-Hampi

A meaing of joy - Hampi

Arts of beauty-Hampi


Caving stone at unimportant area, Elephant Stable-Hampi

Queen's bath-Hampi

Kannada's ancient writing

Bangles design-Hampi

Vittala Temple-Hampi

Another beauty - Hampi

Pathway-Vittala Temple, Hampi

Hanuman & a girl next to Stone Chariot-Hampi

Mother & Daughter

Life in Badami Caves Temple

Flower pot-Badami Caves Temple

Temple Cave no. 1-Badami

Step to Cave Temple No. 3 - Badami

Arts on wall-Badami

Balcony-Durga Temple, Aihole

Art of beauty in ruin-Durga Temple, Aihole

Dancing life-Aihole column

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